ZipRealty Hires SEO Firm who SPAMS Their Reputation

It’s been awhile since I talked about the value of your reputation on the web and how important it is to really know who you are hiring when you hire an SEO firm.

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Hope this will help us to know many things…laboratory for  Real Estate Bloggers is a new idea….This particular site will help every one to get knowledge on it…and also it will give us a new experience..:)

I’m going to assume it is an SEO firm and not an employee of ZipRealty.  Either way, this is the typical SPAMMY comment that comes in from an SEO company trolling for back-links for a do-follow blog.

I wonder how many hundreds or thousands of these comments have recently been sent on ZipRealty’s behalf.  I wonder how many webmaster will report the comments as SPAM to Akismet and in effect start sending all ZipRealty comments to spam filters all across the web.


  1. Krisztina Neglia says

    Yea, we see this far too often, not only with SEO in real-estate but in general. This is a result of realtors hiring companies that give you the $99/month “panda/penguin proof” schpeel. What these firms don’t realize is that blog comment links are (for the most part) only deemed valuable when there are social signals around them (i.e people upvote or reply to your comment).

    Google’s gotten incredibly good at recognizing spam comments and the oh-so-played-out “thanks for interesting post, very valuable” will likely get you no where. Far more effective to just read the post and offer some of your own insights!