YouTube Cell Phone Cameras and the Blair Witch Project

Dave In Tucson Mobile Blog

Dave In Tucson Mobile Blog

I remember when I saw the Blair Witch Project.   I’ll admit I saw it.   I hated it, from start to finish, but it was the fore runner of YouTube in many ways.

YouTube and Cell Phone cameras are your best friends.   Why, because they have conditioned almost everyone to accept “crappy images” as normal.   It all has to do with the acceptance of technology and its limitations in our daily lives.  

Technology has lead us to accept the trade off of speed for quality.   If we can get a mediocre image in a few seconds compared to a really great image in a few hours, we will take the crappy image.

If all we can do is produce crappy images because we don’t have access to or can’t afford the equipment to make better images it is acceptable.   YouTube is filled with poor quality videos which get rave reviews and people love.   Cell phone images are exchanged every second of every day.   Are they good images.   That’s a rhetorical question.

Should You Take Crappy Images ?

I’m not suggesting we should take crappy images.   I am suggesting it is possible to use images, even poor quality images in marketing.   Maybe you already are, maybe you thought your images weren’t “good enough” to use for marketing.   It depends on what you are marketing.   I would never suggest you use your cell phone to take listing photos.   (I’ve seen some, enough said).   But you can do a lot of marketing with images taken from a cell phone or point and shoot camera.

I recently started a mobile blog centered around images which are sent from my blackberry.   Believe me the images are no where near the quality of my Nikon D300.   But they are much better than what I see from a lot of mobile cameras.   The mobile blog is still a work in progress and a lab experiment in its own right.

I’m working on another post on “Marketing Yourself When Your Name is Dave Smith”   One of the parts to that post is the mobile blog. Titled “Dave in Tucson”   If you do a Google search of Dave In Tucson Blog.   (LOL right who would search for that?) you will find it right away.

Here is the point, you can do a lot with images and a few words.   You can tell a story, make a point, provide timely information with images. Don’t discount the power of images in your marketing plan, even low res, point and shot images from your cell phone.

I file all this under Serendipitous Marketing.   Providing yourself with opportunities for chance happenings and encounters is what low res, instant images can provide.


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  3. I have to agree with you ‘ I prefer to see a crappy image quickly rather than wait for the better quality one’ but only with regards to the likes of ‘youtube’ etc I do think that works but as a marketing tool I’m not so sure especially in my business of letting property but I’m sure it could work with some types of business, just off to have a search for Dave in Tuscon now!