YourStreet For Your Blog Content

YourStreet with a thumbnail

YourStreet with a thumbnail

I don’t know when I ran across YourStreet.   I often forget all about it, then I’ll see a hittail search result showing a link coming in from YourStreet.   I like this site.   It is a good place to get your hyper local content syndicated.

If you have an image in your post it will be displayed as a thumbnail   and it will make your post stand out in the list of just text post excerpts.

They don’t have a blog submission form up, but you can register your blog with them through the feedback form.

Register Your Blog with YourStreet

Another Place to Syndicate Your Blog Posts

Another Place to Syndicate Your Blog Posts

Cruise around the site and play with the map.   I don’t go there often but when I do I find it to be an interesting concept and I like having our content picked up and displayed there.

It is the kind of site that could really catch on with more people using it.

Once you have your content on YourStreet write a blog post about the site and of course point out that your content is on the site.

Would that be a reciprocal link or a you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours?

Either way, if you weren’t aware of YourStreet check it out.


  1. James Wheelock says


    How does it handle video, does it display a thumbnail of the video? Just curious because I love video on topics that I read about so I have decided to use lots of video on my blogs. Figuring that people with a similar personality to mine would generally be my most loyal readers. And that if I like video maybe they do as well.

  2. James,

    I’m not sure how it handles it. It might not show it at all or it might grab the first frame as a graphic. I would suggest you look around at their site and see if there are any video like images in the thumbnails.

  3. Dave, thanks for the suggestion of YourStreet. I have taken a look at it and the site looks to be helpful. If you are going to register your blog on their site you need to go to the feedback link for now to do so.

  4. lofts,

    “They don’t have a blog submission form up, but you can register your blog with them through the feedback form.”

    I think that is in the post. This gives me an idea for a post about wondering if comments are for back-links when it appears obvious from the comment they didn’t really read the post. Scan maybe, but read . . .

  5. James Wheelock says

    Thanks Dave I will look into it.

  6. Not sure what happened to these guys, but all their contact info, site terms, etc, are broken links. Site works, but no way to contact.

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