Your Most Important WordPress Plugin For 2009

I think 2009 will see an explosion of mobile web browsing.   Not only the iPhone crowd but the Blackberry crowd as well are growing at exponential rates.   I’ve had a Blackberry Curve since Sept. of 08.   I recently added the Opera Mini Browser to the arsenal of applications I use daily on the Curve.

Whether the default browser or the Opera Mini it doesn’t matter.   Web sites and blogs take a long time to load.   MOST websites and blogs, but not all.

The Need for Speed on Mobile Browsers

When I hit a site and after 20 seconds it is still loading the style sheets I’m GONE.

I’m less patient on the Blackberry than I am at home.   At home I can switch tabs and go on doing something else.   But on the BB I’m waiting.   But not for long.

Opera Mini Mobile Icon

Opera Mini Mobile Icon

The sites that provide what I want and quickly are the ones I go back to again and again.   They are the sites I bookmark.

The Opera Mini Browser provides a little icon in my search results telling me which sites are optimized for mobile browsing.

If you want to increase your mobile traffic and the speed you provide your mobile readers then install the Mobile Press Plugin.

The Mobile Press Plugin is the Most Important Plugin for Your Blog in 2009

It will make your site load at lightening speed.   I installed it on my blogs when I first wrote about the plugin back in October last year.

You can read the entire post “Mobile Press Plugin for Mobile Browsing” and download the plugin for your blog.

Improve Your Rankings with Mobile Press Plugin

Yes, You can improve your rankings on mobile browsers with the Mobile Press Plugin.   It is true for the Opera Mini.   It might be true for others.   I’m sure it will be in the near future if it isn’t now.   Tomorrow I’ll show you what I mean.


  1. Just fired that one up on EoS and on a couple of other blogs…works GREAT. Best part is, load time on my iPhone really is much better. Nice find!

    Thanks for hitting me upside the head, Dave. 😉


  2. Eric,

    I have to laugh. I looked back at the most important posts I wrote last year and Mobile Press Plugin was the TOP for importance. It got a total YAWN response.

    I had to revisit and repackage the information. When I installed the plugin and went my site on the BB is was amazing the speed, even viewing single post which appear the same as they do on any browser seem to load faster.

    I’m glad you have it installed, Now I can read EonS from my BB quick and easy.

    And I know you will SPREAD the word.


  3. What a good find, thanks for sharing it! It is amazing how fast our technology has gotten-now waiting 20 seconds for a page load is slow! I remember writing my first email….

  4. Thanks for recommending this plugin; that is great!


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