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The Yound Golfer

Let's Tee Off This Discussion

Check out this PR5 site and this PR1 site. The PR5 breaks badly if the weather widget isn’t working (never let your site be dependent on a third party application). It also is pretty plain jane vanilla.   The PR1 is pretty.   It has functionality, it navigates well.   Let’s look at them a little more.

Site command

Now lets run the site command for each.   Testing the SEO rule of thumb “Content is King”.

PR1 site Now the Pr5 site

Which one ranks best for a key search term in their market Boise Real Estate

SEO Armchair Round table

Now it is time for armchair seo.   Tell my what it is about these sites that provides on a PR5 the other a PR1 and for a key search term the PR1 way out ranks the PR5.

The Round table is open.   Let the discussion begin.

Time to Tee Off

Is it about links? You tell me.


  1. Yipee, I get to be the first to comment. But boy your making me work on this one.

    I don’t know exactly what you mean by do a site command but I went to website grader. Boise plus is a grade 91, 427 links, pr 1; and Boise blog is a grade 98, 11,000 links and a PR5. The difference in links makes the difference in PR make sense. But WHY does the PR1 show up ahead of the PR 5?

    I thought I had the answer. I changed the search to “Boise Real estate info” as the PR 5 Boise blog, used that phrase in their meta data. Oddly the results got worse for the Boise blog and they dropped of the first page.

    My guess, Boise Plus simply uses the words Boise Real Estate more frequently on their home page. There are a lot of links out with Boise Real Estate in the anchor text.

    By the way, I’ve noticed you posts in the past about PR updates. My blog just went back to a three after dropping to a 2 in the last few days. I am showing you as a 5 in my toolbar is that up? I think a PR update is in the works.

    Ned Carey ´s last blog post..Review of Multifamily Millions by Dave Lindahl

  2. Ned,

    site command is where you put in google and it will return the indexed pages in google. Those links are in the post above.

    I mentioned the latest PR update in a comment. It was depressing enough LOL, I lost PR on two of my main sites. I’m still showing the Lab at PR4 for the home page.

    Good guess, there is one more theory out there at the moment and I’m testing it with my Tucson site right now. Like the idea of heavier keyword weighting for the PR1 site.

    With all the SEO wisdom floating on the net. It does appear to be a puzzlement doesn’t it.

    Thanks for dropping by the Lab Ned. Great to hear from you.


  3. Dave,

    That’s odd. I could have sworn that this site was showing PR 5 last night. Now it is showing 4 as you say.

    I don’t know if you are familiar with but they run a report for free that includes a lot of statistics like how many pages are indexed in Google. That’s what I used to compare the sites above.

    Another possibility is that internally Google ranks the PR1 site much higher. The site may get a big PR jump during the next PR toolbar update (or even during the current one if it is still going on.

    Ned Carey ´s last blog post..Review of Multifamily Millions by Dave Lindahl

  4. Ned,

    The PR update happened the first of June, it will be a couple of months before there is another one. The Google toolbar at times doesn’t update when you navigate from one site to another. If you had been on a PR5 site, say the one we are discussing and then back to the lab the toolbar probably didn’t update.

    I ran that tool last night. When I googled the name there was at least one site that thought it was a bad idea (Website Grader). I found it interesting. I had used it once before and forgot about it.

    I’ve got to keep watching my experiment to see what it produces but this case fits the theory on less is more at the moment.

  5. Page rank from what I’ve read is a measure of a site’s popularity measured by incoming links. That said, not all incoming links are created equally.
    The PR5 site was still a PR5 when I went to it. I’ve been to some fresh out of the box sites that have PR1. After looking at it from a couple of different angles, I don’t think it matters.
    Coming up highly ranked for your chosen keyword search terms is much more important in my humble opinion.

  6. Perhaps the PR 1 site has more relevant links than the PR 5?

    Charles Richey ´s last blog post..Las Vegas Housing Market: Foreclosures Down, Sales Up

  7. Hi Dave ~ This is such an interesting exercise! I love doing this kind of research and you’ve got such a good sample set or whatever it’s called. Very odd results – runs contrary to conventional wisdom. I assumed the #1 site with fewer pages and links is newer than the other site, right? I like the suggestion that it’s keywords on the home page. I find that a challenge on a blog site – a regular website is more easily filled with static keywords on the main page I think.

    I stumbled upon your site and plan to become a regular visitor. There’s nobody to talk about real estate blogging with – my family and friends are bored with me!


    Liz Bolton ´s last blog post..My Offer Was Accepted – What Happens Next?

  8. It is page rank for a page’s content and links. The pr5 site may have a lot of links of less value and to more interior pages. He is also supporting more pages with juice. I also think it is the title and description, matching the content. I have many pr 2 pages that beat out pr 5 pages regularly in SEO keywords. The PR comes in when the words get thiner, more general.
    Then again that just a google possibility.

  9. Richard,

    I think you are on the right track. This is the closest to what appears to be going on with these two sites.

    Here’s a question. On the PR1 site, where’s the blog?

  10. PR is so depressing! My visits and page views are up, and my bounce rate has steadily dropped….all good stuff. But my PR just dropped from a 3 to a 2. I was really bummed. But in the end, if people are finding what they need I guess what page rank number isn’t as important (I keep telling myself this!)

    Chuck Gillooley ´s last blog post..San Carlos Real Estate Report Card: 1H’09.

  11. If you look at the backlinks for PR5 you’ll find that he has several with high PR that pass juice to his site. PR1 doesn’t have many, or high PR, backlinks. However, the content on PR5 lacks consistent relevance to the keywords “boise real estate”. Go back through some of his topics and you’ll see what I mean.
    .-= Karen Geselle´s last blog ..So how are we doing…… =-.

  12. Hi Dave, see you again. I’m rather not recognize this site since you present with new appearance, right ? I’ve been very busy for a few weeks fixing my site. The topic you lift here is closely relevant with I experienced. PR is not everything but I still believe it’s the only rule to popularity and importancy. I’m confused too how PR0 with tiny synonym content can defeat PR2 for the same keywords. However the most important thing we have to do is developing the site by enriching pages with good, unique, relevant, enticing and useful content for the audience. While not to fall into careless link building. What do you think ?