You Don’t have to call it a Blog

I remember when we would say the word “Blog” and people would stare at us and ask “What’s a blog”?

Now I’m running into 8 year olds on Twitter who have a “Blog”.

There are still people that don’t even know how to use the word.   “Class, your assignment is to write three blogs tonight”.

A blog Post is not a Blog.   But we hear that mis-use of the term all the time.   AR users for some reason are always writing a new Blog.

Oh, well, leave them to the kool-aid : )

Static Home Page

A landing page concept for your site as something familiar to readers has some merits.   I use that approach on some of my sites.   WordPress easily handles this type of layout.   Some say it is good SEO.   (Finger down the throat).

You site is about you and your business.   If you want a landing page setup, do it.   If you want a blog setup, do that.   It is up to you, either will server your business well and they both are SEO friendly.

On with the discussion.

So with a static home page you assign the “Blog” to a “Blog” page and all your posts will appear on that page.

Think outside the Blog Box

Are you ready?   You don’t have to call the blog page “Blog”.   It can be a lot more interesting to call it “News”, “Upcoming Events” , “On My Mind”, “Photos” etc.

You can call the page where your blog posts appear anything you want.

Advantages to doing this?

I figured you would want at least one.   So I’ll give you one.   If I go to a site and it has a “blog” page and I click on it and the first thing I see is a post from 2007, I know they don’t have a blog.   They do have a blog page, but not a blog.

But if it is called Photos, or helpful stuff, it doesn’t bother me at all if there is some age to the content.

There are more, but that’s all I’ve got for this post.

The Point I want to leave you with You Don’t Have to Call it a Blog.


  1. Even though we tend to blog regularly, your article today makes me think I should have the link to my blog retitled to something like, ‘News,’ or similar.
    .-= Joe´s last blog ..North Richland Washington Homes For Sale and Real Estate =-.

  2. Joe,

    It’s an idea I had recently while helping develop an event site. They didn’t want a blog. There wasn’t anyone associated with the event that wanted to take on the task.

    There are 12 events a year for 2nd Sataurdays Downtown in Tucson. The problem for them was as each event was over there was no place to archive the past event. They needed to use the current pages for the next event.

    The “Blog” became “Past Events”. This way all that content from past events stayed on site and worked for them for history, and SEO.

    I’ve since set up two sites where one uses the “Blog” for Photos and the other for “News” with an altered permalink for “Business News” I think in the long run it will be better for the site.

    A word of caution: If you are going to change the name on an existing site, be sure to 301 redirect the blog page so the posts will still come up when clicked on in search results.


  3. Thanks you for bringing this to attention. You see this all the time on the internet. When I say all the time I mean almost every time you see a page with new events or new updates. It is always referred to as the “blog page” or “site blog”. I just keep it simple and label mine with “whats new” instead of referring to it as the site blog.
    .-= Clearwater Florida Real Estate Guide´s last blog ..May 15, Privacy Policy =-.

  4. Dave, truly a nice post. I have my own blog since last few years now. I think I would think of calling my blog as an “Latest Real Estate Opportunities” or may be “A Realtor’s Diary”. What do you think?

    Thank you for your nice suggestion.

    Preston Guyton

  5. We have been saying for years now that it is about publishing not blogging. A blog is software.copying/xeroxing.

    In today’s world of social nets and multiple locations agents must get their arms around the idea that their writings are wasted if merely left to the marketing power of just one web page.
    .-= Tim O’Keefe´s last blog ..Social Media: What Comes First the Chicken or the Egg? =-.

  6. Tim,

    So true. Hard to convince some of this principle. They barely grasp the concept of marketing through a blog. The preconceived ideas of “blogging” don’t help. I know it seems overwhelming to some. The more I branch out beyond the RE community the more confused small business owners seem to be about these very concepts. RE is ahead of the game in some ways but being at the head of the herd going over the cliff . . . well, LOL

    Glad you stopped by the Lab


  7. Great post, Dave. It certainly open my mind to renaming the ‘blog’ aspect of my site and perhaps go with something more catchy and/or unique. And well, real estate is definitely ahead of most businesses in this regard, perhaps it’s time we (as an industry) acted like it.

  8. Good points Dave. I think the word “Blog” can have a negative image with less tech savvy readers. On one of my sites I have a static front page and an “articles” page.

    Your point about old posts on a blog is well taken. I certainly think less of a blog that hasn’t been updated in a long time. Yet I wouldn’t feel put off by a site that had worthwhile “articles” even if they were old.
    .-= Ned Carey´s last blog ..Mayor, Drew Carey has a Message for You =-.

  9. I love looking at a “blog” and seeing it hasn’t been updated since 2006 and they only posted 3 times since they started it. I think that might be worse than never starting a blog page to begin with.

  10. Shanna,

    So you are saying you are an archeologist at heart. You like checking out old things.


  11. 8 year olds with blogs? What rock am I crawling out from under? I do like the idea of referring to it as a diary but we must be careful. This diary does not fit under the mattress and many, many people have access.
    .-= Jans Indianapolis Real Estate For Sale´s last blog ..Graves Sylvan Ridge Subdivision Washington Township Indianapolis Indiana: Real Estate & Homes for Sale =-.

  12. Good point. Blogs are misunderstood by many. I never really thought about the psychology of it from that angle. I guess it is more acceptable or less annoying if it doesn’t say blog and they aren’t blogging every day.

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