Year End Presents From Google PR Update

I’ve noticed a PR update going on here at the lab and around my other sites. I thought there might be one coming soon. Here it is just a day before the new year.   Unlike much of the economy which seems to have shrunk for the most part I’m seeing slight increases or maintaining of PR on most of the blogs and posts I check when I see an update in progress.

It seems like I’m starting a new blog every PR update so I have plenty of benchmark sites and posts to check.

Google Gift for Geeks

The biggest disappointment is the post A Fable Do Follow and Comments.   It has gone from PR4 to PR3 and now PR2.   But such is life.   The Lab home page lost the PR5 two updates ago and is still at a PR4 which at this point in 2008 is more a relief than a disappointment.

If you are a Google Geek this is your present for the holiday coming up.   A PR update is cause for a celebration.   (It is, isn’t it?)


  1. Yeah I noticed the changes as well. My sites all stayed the same except for my real estate website moved up a spot to a PR 4. Even though I am happy with the change, the site at one time was a PR 5, than dropped to a PR 4 than down to a PR 3 and now back up to a PR 4.

  2. The site I’m showing the most love to at the moment got a boost to PR4…..thanks Google Santa!

  3. Yep..I think things went totally the way I thought…everything went up for me, except for EricOnSearch…it went from PR4 to PR5 last update and back to PR4 this time. Not a biggie.

    Happy New Year to everyone!

  4. one of my sites went PR3 to PR4, so it was a great end of the year for me! Wish you all happy and prosperous new year!

  5. Tony,

    The way up is always sweeter than the slide down.


    Is PR 4 the New PR5 more to follow. . .


    No biggie, but we can still hope, Lab stayed at 4. Once you have been a 5 can you go back to the farm and feel good about it?

  6. @Dave-

    We always want more…tis the American way! (grin) Ready to re-double efforts. Your point about 5 being the new 4 is well made.


  7. I am excited to see some of my favorite sites increase in rank too!