WriteToMyBlog Testing an Online Editor

I don’t know where I ran into this site. Just trolling around one day. I put a link to it and haven’t been back since. I was getting caught up with my reading over at the Tomato and found Jim Cronin writing about MS Word gumming up the blogworks of all things. Must have been a slow week : )

This evening, I decided to log back into WriteMyBlog and take it for a spin. It is doing much better than I expected. There are some rough edges but that might be the guy on the keyboard as much as the editor. Here is a quick look at what I’ve found on this down and dirty test post.

Palo Verde Blue SkyNow here is my question Can I type beside the image and have it appear beside the image or is it going to always be above the image and not beside it.

It appears it will be beside the image. Now for a highlight test.

Highlight test passed.

Now for a Font size Test

It passed this test as well.

Now a layer test. The layer is appearing over the image with some tweaking. It also has a nice scroll bar if the text in the layer overflows the allotted space.

Somewhat successful. I believe the theme CSS is overriding some of the style.

Testing inserting a table.

HeaderHeader 1
stuffmore stuff

Not as nice as I had hoped. More fooling around, I mean testing needs to be done on tables.

There is a setting for alternate image when mousing over an image. I didn’t test that here, but I can think of some fun stuff that could be done with that if it works.

I didn’t use WriteToMyBlog to publish this post. I got the basics done and went to code window and copied the code and pasted it into a blank post. WriteToMyBlog suggests you open it with FireFox. I would concur.

Once published I’ll see if this post will validate. I’ll post a comment on validation.

Maybe another post with some more testing is in order.

After all that is what this lab is all about.

Hold your breath, cross your toes,
hitting publish, here it goes!


  1. It passed Validation. I love the color Green

  2. Dave- thanks for visiting my site….I enjoyed your blog entry. I have been using the new MS word to post entries to MyForSaleSign and I like it.

    Julie Jalone