Wringing Water From A Turnip While Sitting on a Gold Mine

This is how I describe commenting for “Link Juice”

Think about it.

  • The post has to be indexed
  • The post has to have aged enough to have PR
  • All the links on that page divide the PR juice of there ever is any
  • If the post looses PR during a Google PR update Juice “Gone”
  • If the post is deindexed, Juice “Gone”

Milk Turnips for Juice While sitting on a gold mine, WHY?

So you are out a single drop of Google PR juice.   It isn’t gold, honest. 1/10,000th of a portion of PR   and a gamble at that.

You are sitting on a gold mine if you have a blog.   NO ONE will limit the amount of gold you can mine out of your blog.   Create new quality content and wait for the gold to appear in 6 to 8 weeks.   NOW That is PR Juice.

Forget the gamble of 1/1o,oo0th of a gram of PR.   Go for the GOLD in new relevant content.


  1. Still though, a link is better than nothing even if there is little juice and PR.

  2. You are correct! It is a lot to gamble on if your going to rely on blog comments just to pass link juice to your website or blog. Other forms of SEO are more valuable. You can either keep searching day in and out for blogs to comment on (just for a fraction of link juice) or you can build your own site or blog with all that time you spend searching for blogs to comment on.

    Dave you got a great site here and I have learned a lot from the lab.


  3. Steve Krzysiak says

    Nice,simple and to the point. Now, if only I can get more realtors to focus on google juice and not print-ad spreads I’d be a happy camper. Oh, and so would they :p

    BTW, I just read your reply to my comment yesterday on your other blog regarding g-juice, thanks for that explanation, I noticed the plugin after the fact 🙂

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  4. @ – I suppose, but why not make a valid comment or better yet. Write a great post for you own blog.

    That still makes the most sense to me.


  5. Dave – you just talked me out of commenting on your blog 😉

    Blogs are definitely gold – we’re learning how powerful a blog can be and it’s still in its infancy.

    I do like reading and commenting on blogs though, it’s better than watching the Hills 🙂

  6. @Jayson – If you like to read and comment on blogs, I’m all for it.

    If you are leaving comments just for the bread trail effect back to your blog. You have better ways to spend your time.

    I read a few blogs. Comment from time to time, but that’s about it. I’ve never left a comment to get a back link.

    But I’m all for comments. They contribute to the discussion and help clarify points on a post. Just like this one. You might get the idea I don’t like or want comments LOL.

    I LOVE comments, for the reasons stated above.


  7. Well I have to admit that my intention was not to post as many times as possible on your blog just for backlinks. I really come here to learn about SEO for my real estate site. My site is built thru WordPress so the whole site is a blog I guess. I comment on articles I like here and also I guess rewards me with a backlink. I add new content just about daily to my site.. It’s pretty much a full time job that my wife STILL doesn’t understand…LOL

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  8. Scott,

    LOL, it is often only one in the family that “get’s it” what is really funny is when only one gets “Twitter” and the other gets “Blogging”.

  9. Scott,

    It isn’t uncommon for someone to stumble onto the Lab and find a treasure trove of information they digest and want to comment on. Glad you found your way to the Lab’s Door.