WP-Thumbie for Graphic Impact of Contextual Related Posts

Related Posts with Thumbnails

Related Posts with Thumbnails

I’m a nut for photos, I love graphics and they way they catch the eye better than words alone. WP Thumbie caught my eye about a month ago. I love it.

If you put photos on most of your posts and use contextual related posts you will LOVE Wp-Thumbie.

Here is a screen capture from a recent post.   The forth one down is the default thumbnail if there is no image on that post.

I like the way they are reduced on the fly and they do grab your attention more than just a list of related posts.

I don’t have any stats on how often they get clicked or if they get more clicks than a list.   My personal opinion is images grab attention more than words.   (I said that already didn’t I.)

This plugin adds more color to my posts and site pages.   If you don’t use photos in your posts then stick with contextual related posts plugin, but if images are a regular part of your posting try WP Thumbie.


  1. Portland Realtors says

    Graphics make a website alot of the time. The related post thumbnails fit very nicely into the pages and would be a great addition to most websites. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I use a similar plugin at a couple of my sites called ‘link within’ . The way its set up means that when the links are clicked on they show up in my WP stats – and they get clicked. I think you’re right about the images drawing attention.
    .-= Clare Swindlehurst´s last blog ..Elf Name Generator =-.

  3. Clare,

    Thanks for sharing about WP-Stats and link-within. I’ve had a few analytic tracking plugins on the site but have removed most because of the rapid growth of the database.

    I use Woopra, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Hittail for all my analytics because they don’t store data on my server or in my database.

    But links within sounds like a good addition to WP-Stats.

  4. Dave,

    Great find! I was using Yet Another Related Post Plug-in (YARPP) which worked fine, but WP-Thumbie does exactly the same thing but with the addition of the thumbnails. I just switched all of my sites over to WP-Thumbie and it looks great!

    Thanks again for the tip…

    .-= Chuck Gillooley´s last blog ..The San Carlos Real Estate Week in Review: 10/24/09 =-.

  5. Chuck,

    You are welcome, I was using Contextual Related Applicable Posts before (CRAP) LOL, not really, it was contextual related posts but since you gave me a YARPP I thought a little CRAP would fit right in.

    Have a Great Day Chuck

  6. Love it, I’ll give it a try.Assuming the plu gin works with latest wp versions?
    .-= Terry@Charlotte Real Estate´s last blog ..gateway-plaza =-.

  7. Terry,

    I’m on the latest version of WP and it is working great on all my sites.