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Keep Your Top Nav Moving

The other day a friend said he wanted to hide some pages from showing up in his top navigation menu.   The theme he is using didn’t expand the top nav and he had too many pages to keep the formatting from throwing up.   There were some pages he didn’t need (or want for that matter) in his top nav.   But many themes use the wp_list_pages function which includes all the published pages.

This little plugin lets you select which pages will appear when wp_list_pages is used to call the published pages.

But what if I want those pages to show up?

Well, there are options.   Depending on how many pages we are talking about and where you want them to appear.

  1. Link to them individually in your sidebar.
  2. Use a plugin that doesn’t use the wp_list_pages function for pages

Ok not a lot of options but for most of us these will do the trick.

It works on Sub-pages as well.

I had a similar situation this past week.   I have some sub-pages I didn’t want showing up in the Top Navigation.   Using WP Hide Pages I selected those to pages to be hidden and they were removed from the top nav dropdown.   I’ll link to them directly in the sidebar.

WP Hide Pages is a nice little tool that does one thing and it does it simply and well.   If you have a need to hide certain pages from showing up.   Try out WP Hide Pages.

You can find it by going to Plugins “Add New”   Type in WP Hide Pages.   It will show up with some other handy hide things plugins.


  1. I find that I make a TON of pages (testing, tweaking) that are never meant for the public eye, so I’ll have to take a look at this one. I had found a plugin early on that I think does this too and I really like. PageMash. Just FWIW.

    Thanks for all you posts. I’m a sucker for a new shiny plugin, so I find I spend a lot of time fixing what isn’t broken, but that’s OK. : )

    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Salmon Creek Neighbors Rally in Noble Cause =-.

  2. You can also use page ids to exclude them like in below code

    .-= WordPress Geek´s last blog ..Add Mashable Style Image Fade Effect in WordPress Blog =-.

  3. It is true you can do it the geeky way, but many don’t even know how to find a wp page id. It is easier for them to sort them on the setup page.


  4. Always love to learn something new.

  5. Thanks for the info! I wish there were a plugin similiar to “My Page Order” except for posts. Id like to be able to sort the way posts are displayed on my site in a different way than just by date or title. “My Page Order” let’s you drag and drop pages in any order, which is really helpful when setting up your page navigation!

  6. Jimmie,

    There are a host of ways to get your posts to display in a certain order. It depends on what you want. Since there are usually more posts than pages and posts are added more often than pages it would be hard to write an all inclusive approach to post order.

    But here are a lot of ways to get your post displayed in a particular order.