WP 3.2 Forth of July Fireworks

screen capture wp 3.2Fireworks as in Celebration, not as in Blowing Up.

WordPress threw a nice holiday party for all of us with the final release of 3.2.  Not the typical incremental upgrade, 3.2 has made some nice changes.  The eye candy effect of the user interface is sweet.  I like the new look.  It doesn’t work as well with the OZH Admin Dropdown as the old interface (It shifts everything to the right instead of filling the screen) but that’s pretty easy to live with.

I’ve been running RC candidates for a couple of weeks on two of my sites.  I’ve already written about my disappointment with the new default Theme Twenty Eleven.  But I noticed they are including TwentyTen in new installs (that’s a very good thing).

3.2 is supposed to be faster; I think it is.  I notice when i do saves, edits, etc. I seem to get back to what I’m doing quicker.  I find the editor interface easier to read and it seems to load quicker than before.

Are  You Ready to Upgrade?

If you have been keeping your WP updated through 3.1  you should have no issues with this upgrade.  The biggest thing is making sure you are running on PHP 5 and an up to date version of MYSQL on your hosting account.  Most of us have been there for some time.  But if you don’t know you should check from your Cpanel or hosting admin interface to see what versions you are currently running.

I like this update.  Take advantage of it, upgrade.  Do you what you have to to get this upgrade. You don’t want to fall too far behind on this.  And get ready for a few things to be moved, or removed.  Nothing major.  (Ex.  gone is the quick new post button, now you have to go to posts, new post)  I miss that button.

I’ll be checking out more of the features and this time they really are features.  I’ll keep you posted.

(Quick Hint)  If you don’t like the pagination of the post/pages/plugins you can click on Screen Options and set the number to 99 instead of 20.


  1. I just upgraded to 3.2 and checking around the Web to see how others fared and (blushing) promoting an article I wrote on being careful during 3.2 upgrade, known broken plugins, host requirements.