WordPress Versions or GoDaddy Hosting

I just opened the Lab to the Dashboard.   It took 30 seconds to get to the Dashboard.   Then I clicked on Write New Post, it took 20 seconds to open the editor.   If I click “Save” it takes from 20 to 40 seconds to save.   All the while the message in the bottom of the screen is “Waiting for www.realestatebloglab.com”

I don’t know if the slowness is due to the size of the blog, the slowness of the web, the version of WP, or the hosting.   But I do know this:


Tired of Waiting

Tired of Waiting

I’ve tried IE, FF, Flock, and Chrome (it doesn’t seem to allow popups)   none of them seem to be any faster.

I’ve been sending out emails this morning to friends asking about hosting company options then it hit me:   “Why not write a Lab post about this issue and see what others are experiencing” before I pay to have another hosting company, move the some of the blogs and find I still have the same issues.

I tried Scribefire this week, but it doesn’t have support for “Captions” on images.   I’ve become a huge fan of captions.   They let me throw in quick pertinent information.

Anybody noticing the same things?   Anybody who isn’t experiencing this have a different hosting company than GoDaddy.   I should add I’m on the $6.30 a month shared hosting package for all the blogs, I have two of those.

Any suggestions?   I anqiusly await any input.   I’m sure there are others that will be interested in this topic as well.   At least I hope so.


  1. Wow! I thought my site was slow (1and1 hosting) but in the time I had to wait for yours to load up I had become opened a brokerage, taken it international, sold my shares to three of my proteges, found out I was a grandfather once, twice, and again for a third time, sailed around the world, built a cabin in the woods, and started looking at alternative funeral rites (not big on the corpse in a box idea).

    If anyone else can suggest something before the web gets implanted in our heads and everything goes truly virtual, I’d be interested in hearing them. Especially solutions to host fast loading large files (photos and videos).

  2. It is painful : ) at least with tabbed browsers I can do something else while waiting.

    I did have one suggestion to move up to a virtual dedicated server which is $24 a month. I’m cheap, I’ll admit it, hoping not to have to go that high, but if I do, so be it.

  3. Dave I have never had issues like that with a site and use 3 different hosts, would have to look them up as I have no idea who. Do you have the same issues with your other sites or just this one? If it’s all of them it might be something with your internet connection. If it’s just this one then the host is most likely the issue.

    If you need someone to test how long it takes to login on a different computer to make sure it isn’t your computer let me know, would be happy to help out.

  4. Hi Dave,

    I’m sorry to hear about the slowness. We would be happy to look in to this further for you. I will have one of our hosting specialists get in touch with you.

    Alicia R.
    Go Daddy Hosting

  5. Ken,

    Thanks I’m still running the gambit of possibilities. From my connection, Trend Micro Virus Protection. Comcast internet provider.

    I’m going to take the laptop to a high speed coffee shop, (that is appropriate that a coffee shop have high speed connectivity).

    I don’t usually connect into the admin panel from WIFI for security reasons.


    Thanks for your comment. I’ve been a huge fan of GoDaddy since the beginning. If you read here at all, I’m always posting about ways to accomplish things with GoDaddy Hosting and MYSQL databases. This slowness, isn’t necessarily a GoDaddy issue. It is one of the parameters I have to check because this slowness is worse than listening to “The Diane Rehm Show”

  6. Well… it is much faster today. Yesterday was insane. Just to let you know when I wrote my first comment above I wasn’t stretching the truth much (as you must have known). BTW I am accessing from Vancouver, BC.

  7. HOsting issues aside, get the wordpress up to date (2.6.x), use firefox, and install Google gears add-on. The WordPress back-end now uses gears to cache most of the heavyweight page elements that the admin needs and hugely speeds up the back-end.

  8. ndixon,

    I’ve got Google gears, How do you know it is working? I installed it several weeks ago. But still don’t understand if there is something I’m supposed to do after it is installed.

    Would love to have it for Flock which I prefer because it seems a little faster than FF.

  9. I didn’t like GoDaddy’s set up and have not used them for a blog so I can’t comment on their speed. However, I just switched one of my blogs from 1&1 to Hostgator and love it. I’ve also set up a few others on Bluehost. Both were faster than 1&1 and I’ll be switching the rest of my blogs in the near future.

    I believe webhostingchat.com is the bulletin board with a lot of discussion on a all hosts good and bad.

    Good luck.

  10. I’m glad to hear you are such a fan of Go Daddy. Please let me know if I can help in any other way. Thanks!

    Alicia R.
    Go Daddy Hosting

  11. Dave: Log in to your wp admin and click “Turbo” in the top right corner of your browser, in the dark grey bar. That connects gears with the admin interface and gets everything set up. Once switched on, there’s nothing else to do other than enjoy the additional speed 😉 It’s not miraculous and will not speed up connecting and communicating with the server of course, but does mean the admin interface is a lot snappier.
    Also, have you run a tracert to see if there are any routing issues between you and the host server?

  12. ndixon,

    I mentioned above, I did that when I installed 2.6 I’ve never seen any increase in any speed with it. I’ve activated it on a couple of other blogs with the same result.

    I’ve timed things between Flock without Gears and Chrome also without Gears and Chrome is actually faster than FF with Gears.

    I got no snap out of it at all. However, I still have a 2.2.2 version of WP and it has snap. I think the issue is code bloat and too much javascript as I’ve mentioned in a couple of posts since this one.

    Thanks for suggestions. I’ve tried a lot of things in the past week.

    GoDaddy support called me last night and they were even looking at the server load and said there was lots of bandwidth and disk space so it shouldn’t be an issue there. They were going to install a 2.6.1 version and do some testing.

  13. Dave,
    I am right there with ya! I have written GoDaddy support as well they say it is not them, even if there are 3900 other sites ran from the shared server. Typically only 3K sites are ran from a shared host. But…

    I do believe the issue is with WP 2.6.X, I never had a issue before that, it may be my theme with WP, but I doubt that, even if we are both running Chris’ themes. I really think it is bloat, I have started removing plugins I really don’t need, not much help. It is very very frustrating I agree, I have really avoided my sites (I only have 3) because I am tired of waiting all the time. I could do it all locally and upload it…but dang it, I shouldn’t have to. I will be watching this thread closely, hoping for the magic answer because I am at a loss.

  14. Also..

    I agree, I did not see gears do a thing, I even totally removed it thinking it MAY have had some reverse effect. No difference.
    I use the “Great Real Estate” plugin, and was just about ready to handle my featured listing differently before reading this post, but now I am betting it would make no difference, even if it does add and use a lot of other plugins. My site ran flawlessly with 2.5, I am really starting to think about a roll-back.
    Also, even if it was plugins…my admin panel should not be taking so long to open up too, right?

  15. Jay,

    GoDaddy support today installed a clean copy of WP 2.6.1 on my account on a clean database. It worked very fast. Once I imported the Lab posts to load up the database it was sluggish again.

    I do appreciate the effort GoDaddy has gone to working with me on this issue.

    I didn’t notice it yesterday but today it seemed to be working better. Maybe because of the weekend, or maybe moving the database to one server and the blog and images to another makes a difference.

    I did look at the Great Real Estate plugin once but as I started reading what had to be done to implement it, I decided not to go that route, even for testing purposes.

  16. Well I think we are talking about the same kind of load times mine, when I clock it not another site, is around 15-20 secs. and I have hardly ANY post, just pages, so I really don\’t think it is the db. I also only post 5 post per page, but as I mentioned. the admin panel is slow, and every tab I click on is, not to mention the site to the public. I have tried IE 6 and 7, FF 3.X, and even a SEO browser, all text and still slow as snot. Same package I have also, and also use php 5. My local server is very fast, no delays, even after uploading everything that is on my remote server. I dunno…grrrr

  17. Jay,

    Thanks so much for all the information. You truly are experiencing the exact same symptoms I am having. even with the grrrr it is nice to know I’m not the only one.

  18. Curious did you try, whateveryone always suggest, which is going to the default theme and see if it happens? I did, it is a bit better, but naturally since it hardly does anything.
    I right now as I write this am looking at making a safe roll-back to 2.5.1

  19. Jay,

    I’ve never heard that before. No I didn’t try it. I’m always hesitant to do so because I’ve had the sidebars messed up in the past. But with widget support now maybe that wouldn’t happen. I will give it a try.

    I’m guessing this is to see if it is the theme that is the issue. I’ve got four blogs on three different themes and they all have the same issue to some extent.

  20. I have had both 1 and 1 and go daddy and I much prefer godaddy, I hope you got your problem with them resolved.