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I’ve slowed down the release of the posts in the series on WordPress Theme Checklist. I wanted to take some time and read a new book out on WordPress Theme Design by Tessa Blakeley Silver

It is the first book I’ve found dedicated to WordPress theme design. It isn’t the definitive book on the subject. However, it does a pretty good job of introducing the theme design process.

The sample theme design could have been a simple use of the default theme that comes with WP or an expanded version with a graphic header file and sidebars.

The author instead chose a Magazine style theme as her example which is one of the “hot” theme designs at the moment.

I liked the book as an easy read. It explains things in a straight forward manner.

She explains her design and work flow of building and designing a new theme.

Her approach is more from the standpoint of designing for commercial clients instead of WP bloggers that want to tweak or design a theme for themselves. There were a few too many references to Photoshop since I and a lot of other WP bloggers I know don’t use Photoshop. But she did reference other applications readily available which can be used to do the same things she is doing in Photoshop.

I would have brought the use of Firebug and the Firefox Developers Toolbar into the picture sooner in the book than she does, but that is just a personal preference.

Overall, I think it is a good book, a book and series WP blogger who likes to tweak themes and is thinking in the back of their heads “Someday I’m going to build my own blog theme from scratch”; then this book is a great place to start.

  • Basic but not too basic.
  • Detailed enough to understand with good URL Reference links throughout.
  • Easy to understand writing.
  • A great reference tool for WP Bloggers

Break your reading down into several sessions. Once you have finished go back and read it again. Lots of little blanks will be filled in on the second read. I’m working through it for the third read right now. If you read this book I’m pretty sure you will learn some things you didn’t know and will get some ideas for use on your own blog. Well worth the money and good light reading for the Dial-up Geek.


  1. According to what I have read it seems that is is more for advanced users, and not for beginner`s.

  2. Sasha,

    Not sure what you have been reading. This is about as basic a beginner book as you can get. But remember, if you are doing theme design, what is a beginner? Someone that just started blogging?

    Think of it like How to build a rocket ship for beginners. This doesn’t mean for someone who has never had any science or math or rocketry. It means for someone who has never build a rocket ship before.

    Same here, this book does not cover advanced theme design. It covers the basics, but you still have to have some background to implement it.

    You won’t find a book, that is for “beginners” in the sense they know nothing at all about HTML or CSS for WordPress theme design.