WordPress Spellchecker Issues?

I know some WordPress bloggers have had an issue with getting the WordPress Spellchecker to work.I first encountered this gem when I upgraded to WordPress 2.0 The only thing about it, it only worked in Firefox, not IE6. It would show the misspells, and show the list, but it wouldn’t replace the text. So I would write my posts and then close and go to FF and spell-check and publish.

I know you are saying why not just work in FF.   Go figure.   But that’s not the point.

When I upgraded this blog to 2.2 I got a full preview not a cramped  pinched version that wasn’t wysiwyg.   But the spellchecker stopped working all together.   All I got was an error message about ajax.

You can see that  on  the WordPress 2.2 upgrade post  .   I finally found a post by a young man with way too much time on his hands that posted on WordPress that if you took the spell-check directory from an older version and replaced it with the current directory it would work.

I went back to my 2.1.3 version of wordpress and drilled down to this directory.   Copied it and now the spellchecker works with IE and FF.   It is great.   When I upgraded to version 2.2.1   I intentionally overwrote the directory to see if this had been corrected.   It wasn’t.

I copied the directory again, and once again I’m in business.

Here is the path to the directory to replace if you are having this issue.

  • wp-include
  • js
  • tinymce
  • plugins
  • spellchecker

Replace the entire spellchecker directory and your spellchecker should work.

The Rich Text Editor

I know a lot of bloggers that hate the wordpress text/post editor and use other software to create their posts.   I’ve struggled with it since I started blogging and have learned to live with its little land mines.  

When version 2.2 came along and I had the preview turn into a full size screen with a link at the top of the editor I really fell in love with the wysiwyg editing of my posts.   I can move text to just where I want it around images and format for readability.

Now that I have the spellchecker working, it is a lot more fun to create posts and get them ready for publication.   I run the spellchecker then I hit the preview button and read it as it will appear on the page.   There I catch the phrases and typos that are words but wrong.

Once I like the look of it.   I publish.

It still cracks me up that it identifies blog, blogger, etc. as a misspelled word.   Someone should fix this.


  1. I just have to share this. My spelling is so bad that I had to have an extra gigabyte of RAM put in my laptop so that it could run the spell checker.