WordPress SEO Permalink issue

I’ve recently added WordPress SEO to a few of my sites for testing.  I noticed the other day a change in what was happening to my permalinks to posts and pages.

Normally, I give a post a title and save the draft.  Then I write the post and often tweak the title.  Wordpress will change the permalink structure as long as the post is a draft.  Once the post is saved the permalink has to be edited by hand if you want to make a change.

However, when you have WordPress SEO active on your site.  The permalink is “SET” from the first draft save.  Change the title and publish and the permalink will not update.  You can change it manually, but if you are used to tweaking your titles and expect them to be saved automatically, you better start checking if you are using WordPress SEO plugin.

Check it out.  Can you verify this is happening if you are using WordPress SEO by Yoast?


  1. I bet there are a lot of posts floating around out there especially lately with permalinks that are not what the writer intended. I was lucky enough to catch this myself purely by accident. Good TIP.

  2. Steve,

    I agree. This turned out to be an interesting look at both. I thought WPSEO was going to be great. But then I learned a lot. Since writing this I’ve seen several sites that are using WPSEO and aren’t doing the configuring. The end result isn’t pretty.


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