WordPress Screen Options

Save Yourself some Time

By default WP displays 20 to a page, that might be twenty posts, or twenty pages depending on where you are in the admin.  If you are searching it will be 20, whatever you are doing it will be 20.

But if you have several hundred posts and you want to see a lot of them at a time, then the easy thing to do is pull down the screen options and set the display number to 100 or 200 or whatever you want.  Till recently the max number was 99, (No three digits allowed) but now you can add that third digit and scroll away.

Find New Stuff

Well, it isn’t really new stuff, it is Stuff that WP decided to be “Big Brother” on and now Hide so we poor dumb users wouldn’t be confused.

Things like Discussions, Custom Fields and a few other things that we might actually want to control or turn off on a post by post basis.  Pulling down Screen Options in the upper right hand corner can make these features visible.  Let’s hope that if you do check that box, you won’t be “confused” when these options suddenly appear.

However, these settings aren’t global.  This means if you make discussions visible in the Post editor you will also need to make them visible in the Page editor etc.  Each display is separate.  The same is true for viewing pages or post.  Setting to 100 isn’t global.  But it only takes a second to make the switch and then they are set.

WordPress Screen options really are a nice feature, I just wish they had left them all on and we could decide which ones we never wanted to see or modify.

This really becomes an issue for those who are brand new to WP and have no idea these functions even exist or where to find them.


  1. Your blog came up on a Google search for SEO Real Estate. However, my question may not be appropriate since it refers to IDX indexing.
    Do sites like Trulia and Zillow links benefit larger companies more than small ones like mine because they have more listings?


  2. Dennis,

    Those links benefit no one other than Trulia and Zillow. Agent’s and brokerages should stop providing them any content at all. They are leaches on the Real Estate Industry and the sooner Agent’s and Brokerages figure that out (I doubt they ever will) the better they and the industry will be.