WordPress Plugin Browser Installer

Have you used the Plugin Browser Installer feature built into the latest version of WordPress (I don’t know how long this has been around but it is in the latest version 2.7.1)

Streamline Finding and Installing New Plugins

Streamline Finding and Installing New Plugins

I tripped over this thing today.   I love it.   The link is down at the bottom of the plugins page.   You got here and you can:

  • Search for plugins
  • Read about plugins
  • Install plugins right from the page
  • Activate those plugins
  • No need to download, unzip, ftp, install

This is one very nice and speedy way to find, read about, install and activite new plugins.   I just did it for a new site I’m building for a friend.   The theme I chose to start the project didn’t have an RSS Subscribe icon or button.   I went the the Plugin Browser Installer, did a search for RSS Subscribe Widget.   Found In that looked interesting clicked on install and it installed and activated.

I went to the widget panel under “Appearance” and moved the widget over to the top of the right sidebar and saved.   That was all there was to it.   Found, and active on the site in less than 2 minutes.

I won’t be crusing, downloading, unziping, FTPing, going to the plugin page, activating anymore.

From now on it is the Plugin Browser Installer for this Dial-up Geek.

There is a lot more functionality to the Plugin Browser, but I won’t spoil it for you. Try it, You’ll Like It.


  1. Dave,

    You’re right — that is a tremendously handy feature. I think it only came out in WP 2.7 so it’s fairly recent, and it was so low profile that it is easy to miss. The auto update feature is nice too. I’m with you — I haven’t had to ftp anything for quite a while. Nice to eliminate those 3-4 steps!

    Enjoy mcd’s today!


  2. Chuck,

    I’ve been bit twice using the auto update on a plugin, But I had the previous version to upload again. So I’m wondering if I’ll get myself in a bind where I do an auto upgrade and then a couple of versions later it breaks, Going back to the earlier version could be more difficult.

    That said, I love this feature and finding and installing new plugins, Is a blast.

  3. Does this plugin work with the MU Version of WordPress?

  4. I hadn’t noticed that plugin before; I’m going to have to give it a shot.

  5. I usually wait a few months after the updates show up, and then upgrade. I haven’t had any issues yet (Knocks on wood) — I love the ability to add new plugins with just the click of a button though too! It really makes me wonder what new features they are going to keep adding to WordPress. It just keeps getting more and more amazing.

  6. Thanks Dave for showing this to me, this will be a big time saver and I had not noticed it. It is actually such a simple thing, I cannot believe it took this long for this featured to get added. Of course, I never thought of it before:)