WordPress Mobile Admin Plugin

Rich Gubby Really is the Ultimate Mobile Web Junkie and I'm Lovin It

Rich Gubby Really is the Ultimate Mobile Web Junkie and I'm Lovin It

WordPress Mobile Admin NOT Mobile Theme

WordPress Mobile Admin is a plugin by Rich Gubby the Mobile Web Junkie.   Rich, if you remember, is the author of the Wapple Mobile Plugin that I wrote about a few months back.   Because it relies on a third party server for the mobile theme I was hesitant to use it since as luck would have it, I tried to access the Lab during a server outage and . . .   Also because Alex King’s WordPress Mobile Edition is the Gold Standard for speed and functionality for a Mobile Theme for WP blog.

Rich got back in touch through a comment let all us Lab Rats know about this new plugin.   I quietly activated it and forgot it.   It was a few weeks later when a comment came in while I was out and I wanted to approve the comment right away.   I’ve done this on numerous occasions and it takes awhile to login and navigate the backend of WordPress from a Blackberry.   At least it used to.

With the WordPress Mobile Admin plugin in place it did for the back-end access what a mobile theme does for the front end user.   It makes everything fast. Very fast.

Rich, you hit a home run with this plugin.   Like my McDonald’s breakfast “I’m Lovin It“.

Not much else to say than “Take it for a spin, You’ll love it too”.   If you don’t want to download the traditional way (Which I never use anymore)   Got to Plugin-Add New and search on WordPress Mobile Admin.   It will pop right up.   You will need to get a Dev Key which I already had from the earlier plugin mentioned above.   Once that is in place you are ready for a turbo charged experience when accessing the Admin side of your blog with your mobile device.

Writing a Post

I’ve not tried writing a post from the mobile admin.   I have some special fields I have to fill in for the graphics at the top to display and you all know I have images in almost every post.   But approving comments is a snap.   It loads fast and the approval process is super fast.

I’ve not looked for a mobile admin plugin before.   I’m not sure there is another one out there.   But, the way this one works, I have no reason to go looking.   Great work Rich. I’m rapidly becoming a Mobile Web Junkie myself.
Any Lab Rats willing to gei it a try and report back here how it is working for you?   Let us know what mobile device you are using it on.   I’m sure Rich would appreciate the feedback.


  1. Thanks Dave for finding this plugin

    I’m trying it out right now on one of my other blogs
    .-= Loren Nason´s last blog ..Altos Research WordPress Plugins =-.

  2. Loren,

    Which reminds me I need to install this on a couple more of mine as well.

  3. He Dave thanks for bringing this up to our attention. I went to the site and saw that this is compatible with every phone. I will be honest that I am a bit skeptical of that particularly since my husband who helps manage my site uses a Treo 700. He loves it but the Java based browser limits compatibility somewhat and he is also not able to install Opera as a secondary browser. We will try it and see if it works or not and report.

  4. Alison,

    My wife had a Treo till a few months ago when I finally got her switched to a Blackberry Curve 8330. Now you couldn’t pay her to go back to the Treo. She loves the Berry. And there are several browsers available, she only uses the default browser.

    It will be good to hear his experience logging into the admin side from his Treo.


  5. I have tried blogging using the WP iPhone plug-in and will probably not do it again as I find it hard to organize my thoughts a few lines at a time rather than seeing the entire post. I also find it time consuming to add a link in a post using my iPhone. Your sense of urgency in approving comments is to be commended, I never thought about using mobile device to do that.

  6. Mark,

    I’m sitting in McDonalds eating breakfast and reading the paper as your comment comes in. Now approved and responded to from my Berry I shall return to the paper.

    I don’t think I would ever write a post from the berry. Not that it isn’t capable, but as you say it is difficult to add links etc. One of the reasons I put tinyurls at the bottom of each post is for ease of Tweeting or posting those links.


  7. Dave,
    It worked – kind of. I think there was some operator error involved on his part. I have a Blackberry Pearl and it works just fine. I use Opera, as recommended and installed by my husband, and there were no problems on my phone.

  8. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for review and I’m glad you like the plugin! 🙂 You’re absolutely right when you say I’d love to hear feedback, the more the merrier!

    I’m trying to build in as much functionality without going overboard. And some tasks just won’t be possible on mobile but it’s always good to hear what features people would like to see.

    To a certain extent blogging from your handset isn’t going to be as convenient as other tasks such as moderating comments, but if you wanted to upload a photo with a couple of paragraphs, it’d be perfect.

    Dave – do you use custom fields for your posts? I’m looking at integrating them, not sure how yet though! Also, trying to get some sort of wysiwyg editor, although how that’ll look on a lower spec phone i don’t know.

    Keep me posted with any experiences with any other phones! And thanks once again for the review!

  9. Rich,

    I use custom fields only for those sites that require them for special functionality. This theme for instance uses a custom field to display the little images at the top of the blog associated with the posts.

    I have an app for WordPress on the Blackberry which has a very good mobile editor for creating posts. I can select media, tags, categories, custom fields, excerpts, just about anything I want in a post. This is the app I use if I want to write a quick post.

    Your admin plugin is very quick to load and I can approve comments and respond to them very quickly. Much faster than the WP Berry app.

    I hope a few more people weigh in with their results, experience and phone being used.


  10. Hi Dave – thanks for your input. I’m especially interested in the blackberry app – I’m thinking that I could do something that’s potentially better and quicker!

    I’ll download the app, give it a trial and see what features I’m missing! I’ll certainly keep you posted!

  11. Rich,

    Thought you might 🙂 that’s why I mentioned it.