WordPress 4.0 Released Today

mountain in alaskaLogged into the Lab this morning to be greeted with the notice that WordPress 4.0 was available.  This version release is named “benny” for those keeping track.

I decided to pull the switch and see how it looked.

It looks good, very stable and a quick update.  Not a lot of new bells and whistles in this even though it is a .0 release.

  1. new plugin browser
  2. widget integration into the customizer (all widgets not just a few)
  3. new media library management which is faster and more intuitive than before (Finally a feature update that requires fewer clicks)
  4. editor window auto expands as you continue to add new content.

A few more little things but these seem to be the main changes.

Still, I would wait a few days if your site is your main source of business.  If there are some nasties in the code you don’t want to be the guinea pig do you?

Final note:  When the install is complete it will require you to log back in.  Don’t get spooked, it will be okay.