WordPress 3.6 Media Library Upload Issue with Folders

DSC_1277Since updating to WP 3.6 and 3.6.1  I’ve noticed a change in the year and month of the folder where media files are being stored.

Till this update, media files have always been stored in the current year and month when the upload occurred.  So if I upload to this new post it will be stored in uploads/2013/09/ folders.

This part is normal.  What isn’t normal is if you go back to an earlier post or page and upload a new document to the page the file is not stored in uploads/2013/09/  instead it is stored in the year and month when the post/page was published.

This can be pretty confusing.

Example from today.  I’m uploading a PDF newsletter onto a clients Newsletters Page.  The page was originally published in June of 2011.  The PDF I uploaded today for the September newsletter was stored in uploads/2011/06/ folder instead of uploads/2013/09.

Often I go looking for files by FTP.  Especially PDF files.  If it is the September 2013 newsletter I expect to find it in the 2013/09/ folder.  From now on I have to go to the page where it is published and find the date or view the document to find out where it is stored.

This seems like a lot of work going forward.  As is typical with WP updates the past couple of years the mantra seems to be “If it isn’t broke, BREAK IT”  or “If it takes one click, make it three”.