WordPress 3.4 Yeah, Get It – NOW

This is by far the most stable upgrade of a WP version I’ve ever seen.  I usually express caution when going to a major update like 3.4.  I didn’t alter my usual practice of upgrading a few sacrificial lambs before upgrading the mother ships of my fleet.
Everything has upgraded without a hitch.  Now a word about the process.

This is Important !

I’ve been watching a few forums and groups on FB and when there are issues with 3.4 it is always (well so far always) related to plugins.

So I want to address the process of doing an upgrade which should have changed from the old days.

WP have build a really nice upgrade process for us, the biggest issue I see is when IT ISN’T USED!

Therefore, I want to go over the process to make your upgrades go smoother.

Before first, make sure you backup your database.  This is always recommended.

First, The way the screen for auto updates is setup is fine for the Geeks among us.  But it isn’t step one, step two, step three, in that order on the screen.

The process I recommend you follow doing an upgrade:

Scroll down past the WP upgrade to the “Plugins” upgrade, select all and upgrade the plugins, FIRST.

When those are upgraded Scroll down to the “Themes” if there are updates available run them.

FINALLY, once your plugins are up to date and your themes are up to date, run the WP install update.

Finally, finally, go to the plugins directory and refresh your page.  Some plugins can only be updated after the install due to their nature.  If there are now upgrades available that appear get them.

Now, test.  Open the home page, but don’t stop there, often the home page will open but other posts/pages won’t.  Open a few pages, open a forms page. Open a post.  Open the site on a browser where you aren’t logged into the site so you can see the comment section.

Follow these steps and this procedure and you should have smooth upgrades.

Take the shortcut and upgrade WP and (“Oh, I’ll get to the plugins one of these day”) and expect to find your self complaining in a forum about why your site is “broken”  The answer more than likely is:  YOU BROKE IT.