WordPress 3.3 Still Working On It

I’m still working on the upgrade to 3.3.  That means, it didn’t go well on all  the sites I’ve updated so far.  Most of them were flawless, However, When I updated the Lab one of the three custom Menus I had setup disappeared completely from the menu editor.

It was still working and was easy to reconstruct, but it raised a big question.

The rest of my sites have some pretty extensive menus.  Some have over 60 pages on them.  I don’t want to have to rebuild them.  I’ve looked at ways to back them up, export them so I can re-import if needed but so far no luck.

I did read one short note about All-In-One SEO having an effect on Custom Menus.  So I think I’m going to de-activate all in one (Yeah I know we are supposed to de-activate all plugins but we haven’t done that for quite a few version now, have we).  If that works without a hitch then I’ll let you know as shortly.

Till then update with caution.  And be sure to update your theme’s and plugins before you update WP.