WordPress 3.3 Available – But . . .

If it isn’t broke you can probably break it

It has been a few versions since I wrote about an update.  The rule of thumb (for those that want a refeasher)  Big upgrades take very precaution.  Ex.  2.9.2 to 3.0  That was a major upgrade.

The upgrade from 3.2 to 3.2.1  is a minor upgrade and can usually be done as an auto upgrade.

This one goes from 3.2.1 to 3.3  This is a big upgrade.  Therefore, take all the precautions that WP recommends.

  • Backup your database (I prefer to do this from the PHPMyAdmin)
  • Make sure you plugins are all up to date
  • If you are coming to 3.3 from a version before 3.0  a prayer is also in order (or at least cross your finger) like that will help 🙂

Where You Update

Where you update is as important (or more so) then when you update.  Meaning, keep your impulses in check when you log-in at the coffee shop or Mcds and see the 3.3 is available Please Update now.  Don’t do it from a public wifi connection that is often slow and probably not the most secure.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t even mention this except for yesterday when I was approached by a lady wanting to know how to login at Mcds.  I showed her the connection routine and a little later noticed she was reconciling her checkbook online. (A Simpson moment if I’ve ever seen one).

Wait wait wait . . . for it

I’ll be upgrading a few sites today and if the test sites go well the lab will follow.  I’ll post when the lab is running 3.3 and everything is looking good.

I’ve been getting rid of some old plugins here that are no longer being supported but still have 38 active.  Including some using jQuery which is one of the things being effected by the new version.

The Tucson site uses a lot of different plugins which I’ll also update, (with great caution) so if all is well on the two sites.  I’ll get back to you on the “total” experience.

Finally, I’d wait a week.  You won’t be on the cutting edge using the newest features right away, but you won’t be on the bleeding edge trying to recover from a bug that was missed till in the general population.


  1. Don’t do it from a public wifi connection that is often slow and probably not the most secure.Thanks for this useful post…