WordPress 3.1 is coming So Is TwentyTen 1.2

Have You Customized your TwentyTen Theme?

wordpress 3.1 coming

Don't get caught, with your CSS exposed, be prepared

There’s a lot of buzz in the WP community about WP 3.1.   It’s going to have some nice features, especially the new interface for Mulitsite Admin.   Last weekend while at WordCamp PHX   I was attending a multisite session on Friday,   I noticed on one screen as we whizzed by the Themes that the Twenty Ten version was 1.2.

That caught my eye immediately.   Why?   Because TwentyTen is the default theme for WP.   That means when there is a new version of WP and upgrades to the default theme they update TOGETHER.

So?   If any of you have been customizing your TwentyTen theme with little CSS Tweaks and adding your tracking codes in the footer.php file those are about to be wiped out if you don’t backup your theme files before you update.

Make a TwentyTen Child Theme

Better yet.   Take a few minutes and make a TwentyTen child theme.

Okay, take a couple of hours if you want.

Don’t Hit Auto Upgrade to 3.1

Backup, and think about your theme.   If you aren’t using TwentyTen, nothing to worry about.

But still backup.   This is a major jump.


  1. I had no idea twenty ten updated with each wordpress update until I found out the hard way 🙂 Luckily I have daily server backups so it wasn’t too much of a pain to revert.

    I have also edited the default widgets file so with each update to wordpress I have to go back and upload my version. Small price to pay for such a great product I guess.