WordPress 3.0.4 “Critical” Update

WordPress Matt

Matt himself takes the time to issue a statement on an update and calls it “critical” it is something you/we should all take seriously.

I know many of you aren’t in the dashboard daily. And I also know that some of you have gotten used to ignoring those nagging update messages at the top of the admin page. (Some going so far as to install a plugin that turns them off).

This one you don’t want to ignore. I’ve installed it on almost all of my blogs including the Lab and all are working without a hitch.

Most of the blogs were already running 3.0 or higher so they were easy updates.

WP 2.9.2 Taxonomy.php Issue

I just updated an old listing site running 2.9.2 with some out of date plugins. It blew up. The issue was with some out of date plugins which meant I had to temporarily modify the /wp-include/taxonomy.php file. I had to comment out a section, upgrade the plugins, then remove the commented section in the taxonomy.php file.

Find this section by searching for “add_rewrite_tag”.   (It is in the middle of the section you need to comment out.

if ( false !== $args[‘rewrite’] && ” != get_option(‘permalink_structure’) ) {
$args[‘rewrite’] = wp_parse_args($args[‘rewrite’], array(
‘slug’ => sanitize_title_with_dashes($taxonomy),
‘with_front’ => true,
$wp_rewrite->add_rewrite_tag(“%$taxonomy%”, ‘([^/]+)’, $args[‘query_var’] ? “{$args[‘query_var’]}=” : “taxonomy=$taxonomy&term=”);
$wp_rewrite->add_permastruct($taxonomy, “{$args[‘rewrite’][‘slug’]}/%$taxonomy%”, $args[‘rewrite’][‘with_front’]);

You might try updating plugins before you update WP. They “might” now work at first but could save you the issue I had this morning.   Once you have the plugins updated go back and remove the commented out section.

Again, this is only an issue of your are upgrading from a version earlier than 3.0 and have some old plugins active on your site.   But at least if you get the “Fatal Error” message. you know what to do and how to fix it.

This is a critical update so I would recommend, making a complete backup if you are coming from any version predating 3.0, then proceed with the update.

I know some of you are annoyed with all the security updates coming out with version 3.0.   Personally, I’m not annoyed at all.   I love the functionality of 3.0 and expect after a major upgrade like this to need some tweaking.   This is especially true when all these updates have been security updates.


  1. I saw that when I logged into my admin this morning but being new to WP, didn’t want to mess something up. Do I need to shutdown or temporarily stop anything to get it to load properly? I am on 3.03.

  2. You should be fine to do the auto update.


  3. Thanks for the fast response Dave. I’m going to give it a try!

  4. Worked perfect Dave. Thanks for all your offline help today…MUCH appreciated!