WordPress 3.0.2 Just Do It

If you are current on your WP installs (Meaning you are running 3.0.1 currently) then go ahead and run the auto upgrade. It fixes a few bugs and a security issue.

The security issue? If you have someone on your blog as an Author and they are “Malicious” they could gain access to the Admin level.

Now I hope that if you had a hostile author on your site you would have already dealt with the issue. And we won’t go into why you would have someone on your site as an author who was hostile to you in the first place.

If you do, then upgrade now, Then delete the author, or at least make them a subscriber. For the rest of us who are the admin, the author and maybe the only subscriber, upgrade for the the bug fixes and to make the yellow bar at the top of go away reminding you to upgrade.


  1. You just wrote this post and can you believe that 3.0.3 is out? I have heard rumors that 3.0.3 has blown up some installs.

    I have 3.01. and 2.9.1 running and I am happy (although I would like to get to 3.x.x across the board).

    Have you heard any issues?

  2. Scott,

    There were a couple small issues with 3.0.2 with Sexybookmarks and a few other plugins, but I’ve not heard of any issues with 3.0.3 I’m running it here at the lab and everything seems to be fine. I’ve updated most of my blogs to the latest version and have noticed no issues.


  3. Hard to keep up! I’ll upgrade now. Thanks!

  4. I’m running 3.0.3 and haven’t noticed any issues yet. It seems pretty stable. Anyone have another opinion?

  5. Thanks for the reminder to upgrade. It is easy to do but hard to remember.

  6. Here they go again. I was through upgrading about 1/2 of my sites when 3.0.4 came out. Any ideas of the stability of this one? Hate to nuke one of my active sites.

  7. Scott,

    3.0.4 is a security update and it is rated “Critical” I’ve updated most of mine today and had no issues. I’ll post about it tomorrow, but I would update especially since WP explains the issue which could be exploited.


  8. Main blog is upgrading from 2.9.1 right now.

    I spent 15 years in the technology business and I don’t miss the constant rat race of keeping things on the latest service packs and patches.

  9. I’ve been thinking of using WordPress but haven’t ventured…