WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious” Released Today

I’m in Denver at #REBCDen today.   I know, I just knew WP 3.0 would be released today.   It was, and it didn’t stop me from upgrading.

I had one of my sites all prepped and ready to go for this contingency.   As the first session of the day ended a few minutes ago I logged into one of my sites and the announcement was in the sidebar.   I headed over to the lab rat site.   I went to Tools, Upgrade and clicked on upgrade immediately.

It was a blazing fast install

It wasn’t 15 seconds later and the install was done including the new Twenty Ten default theme.   Clean, fast and everything came up.

Not immediately, (when I went back to the dashboard an error was reported, I went to the site and back to admin, all was well)   It was quick.

Now A Word About Cache Plugins

There was one error.   I couldn’t edit or create a new post/page once the update took effect.   There was an error begin reported in the user.php file on line 260.   It turns out the conflict is with validation for users since MU is now integrated in the regular WP install.   De-activating DB Cache removed the error.   I would imagine there will be a few plugins that will need updating in the next week or so.

I can easily live without a cache plugin.   I don’t run them on most of my sites anyway.   I make enough changes to my sites that cache plugins are more work than benefit.

That’s the quick skinny on WP 3.0.

Should you Upgrade NOW?

I would say NO to most.   If you have everything   backed up and your blog isn’t “Mission critical”   . . .     But I would wait a few days to a week to see if other things shake out and some issues come to the fore and need to be resolved.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the changes and upgrades.   The way the editor shows me how the post is going to appear on site is wonderful.

I started writing this early in the day; REBarCamp Denver had filled the day and now I’m closing out the conference with this posting.

If you can’t wait, go for it.   I did, and I don’t regret it.   (Oh, no I didn’t upgrade the most important blogs. )   Being out of town and away from my primary FTP tool, I don’t want to upgrade my prime sites.

I’ll be doing more updates as things develop.   I’ll have a few posts for you on Twenty Ten (the new default WP theme) soon as well.


  1. Dave, I know you haven’t had it for long, but what issues (if any) have you noticed or expect? Do you think the time to fix said bugs would a week or so? I’m dying to try it out but don’t want to jump in too early.

  2. I made the jump and upgraded all my sites to 3.0! Very nice and sweet upgrade for the WP folks! Now I need to learn the ins and outs of CSS and get to designing my own WP templates/themes.

  3. Been waiting on 3.0 for a while now and so far it looks great! We’ve been using wp for several Hilton Head Real Estate sites and this will make it even better. Thanks for the post.

  4. Real Estate Adviser says

    I have just installed 3.0 on some of my wordpress sites and it looks great Now my sites looks more attractive than before.Its an amazing upgrade by wordpress.

  5. \”I would say NO to most. If you have everything backed up and your blog isn’t “Mission critical” . . . But I would wait a few days to a week to see if other things shake out and some issues come to the fore and need to be resolved.\”

    I agree Dave, but I couldn\’t resist! The upgrade now could not be stifled so we did it and everything seems to be working ok. Had 1 minor glitch with our theme, but a quick fix solved that. We\’ll keep fingers crossed as the hackers work feverishly to interrupt our daily lives with some hack. 🙂
    .-= Joe´s last blog ..Full Disclosure =-.

  6. I upgraded mine without really knowing it, I just hit the button that told me to upgrade. I’m not very techy! Anyways, I haven’t seen any problems, but then I don’t know if I would know if any problems did arise. Hmm… I need to do some research to find out exactly what the upgrade was for. Thanks for the warning, although I missed it! lol!
    .-= Lisa Udy´s last blog ..Appraisers Coming In Low To Avoid Lawsuits =-.


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