WordPress 2.7.1 Auto Upgrade

Push That Automatic Upgrade and Hold Your Breath

[col-sect][column]This morning I’ve upgraded all the blogs to 2.7.1   I used the option under “Tools” to Upgrade.   It works like the auto upgrade feature released a couple of versions ago for plugins.

I started with the little Lab Rat For No REal Reason and moved my way up from there.

I did the recommended backup of the database for the lab and the Tucson AZ Real Estate blog.   And I discovered my databases had suddenly grown from 5 meg to 36 meg in one month.   This was an Um moment.

I found the culprit stuffing my databases.   (Yes, I’m baiting you for the next post)[/column]

[column]I back up from within GoDaddy Hosting.   Backing up your database from the host is quick and probably the most reliable way to back up and restore a database.   Especially once it grows to over 5 meg in size.

This was a small upgrade.   It was easy to use the auto upgrade feature.   I do hope when there is a major version upgrade this will be tested and if auto upgrade will cause problems, disabled when/if it will.

It is too easy to take the “Easy Upgrade” way and push that button.   I’ve seen some plugins totally self-destruct with this option.   I would hate to loose an entire blog.   (I won’t, I back up)   But some might find their real estate blogging terminated with an upgrade which goes SOUTH.[/column][/col-sect]


  1. I just get error messages when I try any of the auto upgrades. It seems like every day there is something on my blog that needs upgrading so I just don’t. 🙂

  2. @T- having experienced your pain in the past personally, I was reluctant to auto upgrade…even with a simple one like 2.7.1 … It went flawlessly.

    @Dave – like you, I backup early and often. I also did a couple before I stepped up to the plate with EoS. worked like a champ.

    Given that i work on so doggone many of these, if the auto upgrade works for real, it will be a real timesaver.

    Here’s hopin’…(grin)

    Eric Blackwell ´s last blog post..WordPress launches WordPress.tv

  3. I’ve been very bad about upgrading….still on WP 2.6 something. I try to wait until they upgrade gets a few patches before I take the plunge.

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