WordPress 2.5 More Observations

Manage still exists but Options is gone. The Options have been scattered about various places on the Dashboard. Settings, Plugins, Users are now top right. They aren’t on a tab just sitting there to themselves.

Tags, are “Managed” but I’m not sure how or to what purpose. When I click on the tags tab I get pages of nothing. Just blank lines one after another. I should probably read about this somewhere. NO! reading manuals and FAQs are for old farts. Today it is supposed to be click, click, click. Oh, I got it. I destroyed my blog and my content will never be found on the search engines, but then again, I’m just writing about my dream of the giant pimple on my A$$ last night, so no great loss.   However, if you have to contribute than information on your dreams or giant pimples you might want to be a little cautious using the click click click method.

Editing Comments

The edit comments option is no longer visible as an option. Once again we are left to click, click, click to see if the ability to edit comments as been removed. We can approve, unapprove delete, but there is no longer an edit option. However, if you click on the name of the commenter the edit window opens. Another bright idea.

Remove Max Width Plugin

This little plugin is a godsend to anyone that doesn’t want there wordpress admin panel slammed up against the left margin with lots of screen real estate being unused. If you are like me you will want Remove Max Width Plugin.

Plugins Upgrade Automatically

Now I’ve found something about 2.5 I absolutely have fallen in love with beyond any doubt. 2.5 not only lets you know when there are new versions of existing plugins available it give you the option to: Do it the old way by yourself or Upgrade Automatically.

I tested half a dozen Automatic Upgrades Everyone executed the process flawlessly. I have one more to upgrade and I’m hesitant to do so because of all the setup parameters which I have to record before upgrading to make sure the upgrade doesn’t think it knows better than my settings and help change things I don’t want changed.

WordPress 2.5.1 is out

Seems I took so long writing this post the next version is out.   If you already have 2.5 installed you should install 2.5.1 There are some security issues and the upgrade is easy.   I’ll confess I didn’t disable the plugins.   I just replaced the files and when I logged in it said I had to upgrade the database, which was 1 second long.   So far so good.   Suppose I better post this before version 3.0 is released.

I’m not getting crotchety am I?   Don’t Answer That!


  1. Yeah 2.5 does have a lot of new features that are great – especially the upgrade feature that takes the annoyances out of upgrading. It is a lot different and does take a little bit of getting used to but overall it’s better – IMO.

    I think we may have experienced the security issue you mentioned first hand over the last two weeks. A day or two after upgrading we got a worm that would not go away (it just keep reciprocating) and after hiring several different developers to try and remedy the problem, we ended up having to nuke our host account; luckily we only lost a few blog posts.

    I’m not positive that it’s from WP 2.5 but it’s something to keep in mind. I hope 2.5.1 is a little more secure.

  2. annoyingly, they keep coming up with new updates everyday… if its not wordpress then its phpbb.

    note. sorry about my previous comment, I didnt read notice the “comment spam” post

  3. Dave-
    I just built a new WP 2.5.1 site. I am in love with the new function, except, like you said, I can’t figure out where everything is yet.

    Also, when I put a link on the page, I used to get a nice popup box that had all the settings (nofollow) and such. That is gone. Maybe it was an editor plug in I used.

    Now after running it for a while, can you tell me what the tags are for?

  4. Scott,

    It must have been a plugin since I’ve never seen those options.

    I read the tag thing is to manage tags. But I use another tagging system. The one in WP makes no sense to me.

  5. What is your overall take on upgrading (perhaps not specific to 2.5.1) WordPress, how quickly do you recommend performing these updates, is it bad to hold off on making updates.

    When circling back to the lab every time there is an update, it appears that there are always mixed feelings about doing the update (not just from a feature / function perspective).

    Any guidance is appreciated.

  6. Boston,

    The biggest issue for me with each update has to do with themes and plugins. There have been a series of major updates that broke a lot of themes and left some great plugins non-functional.

    Ultimate Tag Warrior was one of my favorites that was left in the dust and while All-In-One SEO will get the job done it is no where near as easy to setup or (in my opinion) as good as UTW.

    I have blogs on almost all versions since 2.1

    I’ve left these where they are because of the theme no functioning properly under the latest update at the time.

    I thinks some of the bigger issues come when you skip over a lot of updates. LOL Which is what I’m about to do with my oldest blog. But I’ll be doing it in a very measured way. I’m building a check list of items and step to making an upgrade and choosing a new theme for a blog.

    But in the end, my hesitance has always been the functionality of my themes and plugins. The rest of the stuff I can work around or fix.

  7. How to change the theme of wordpress? I have a blog from wordpress.com. I have seen many sites with free themes for wordpress. But to install them it occurred to be that I have to have the wordpress 2.5 program from wordpress.org. I downloaded WordPress 2.5 but was clueless as to how to use it. I was told I ought to have a web hosting site, but my blog is just my personal one, that’s it. I don’t see a need to pay for web hosting. I just want to change the theme of my existing blog, that’s it. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  8. If you already have a WordPress.com blog you can go to the Appearance Tab select Themes and pick a new theme from the 5 pages of available themes.