WordPress 2.3.2 Upgrade is Complete

I wrote this post last night.   Now I get to write it again and hopefully not delete this one using Windows Live Writer.

tucson prickly pear cactus

The 2.3.2 upgrade was painless.   So there is no smoke in the Lab just this picture of Prickly Pear Cactus since upgrading WordPress continues to be a prickly situation with which to deal. There was still the issue of the spell checker not working so I had to move the spellchecker directory from the previous install to this one.

The Rich Text Editor this time functioned.   Last time I had to do a lot of stripping of sections and files to get it to even work.   I did notice that when opening it in IE 6 that the layout was overflowing from the right column onto the editor itself.

I downloaded Windows Live Writer after reading a post by John Lockwood at Particle Wave but never got around to actually installing it.   John recently did a nice tutorial on how to download, install and configure Windows Live Writer.

I thought I would take it for a spin and see if this might be my now 2008 blog editor.   You can configure it to work with multiple blogs and I’ll be writing more about it in a separate post.

The major pain as I see it with WordPress 2.3 anything is the giving up of The Ultimate Tag Warrior.   I don’t think the internal tagging system WP built in is anywhere near as rich or complete as UTW was.   I ended up installing All-In-One-SEO plugin which gets me most of what I had before but took stabs at three others which didn’t work or created errors before I was able to get All-In-One configured the way I wanted it.

Eventually I will have to upgrade the rest of the blogs to 2.3 or 2.4. When I do I’ll put together a complete tutorial on the experience and how to get meta tags set up as well as the internal tags.

For now I’ll leave it a prickly situation and admit since it didn’t blow up I need to spend more time in the lab and posting.   I’m tempted to say a few more things about Live Writer but won’t give in at this point.


  1. Dave-
    You mentioned you hate the editor in 2.3+. Would you move to the Windows Live Writer if you still had the 2.2 editor? I hear people talking about using an external editor all the time, but the WP one has never bothered me. Any thoughts?

  2. Scott,

    I’m using WLW now and will do so for a week and try it out on the Lab and maybe one of the other blogs.

    It is too early to say if I would use it or not. I want to load WLW to the laptop and see if it will let me write off-line formated then connect and publish, if so, I will have my vote and I’ll learn how to use it.

  3. Thanks Dave. I’d be interested to hear more insight on the differences with UTW and what you new have due to the upgrade.

    Would you recommend folks hold off on the upgrade so that other functionality can “catch up”?

  4. I am with Boston Condo Guy.

    Any idea how long we can typically wait on our older version before we must upgrade (due to incompatibility or other problems)?

  5. Scott,

    As long as you are happy with the plugins you have and the version is functional you won’t have to upgrade.

    When there is a new feature in WP or a new plugin you really want that is not compatible with your current version then you will need to upgrade.

    It is totally up to you. I have a couple of single property blogs that are still pre 2.0 and they work fine.

  6. Dave, all things considered, it sounded pretty painless. Wait until you get a database error and you can’t import anything or it comes out gibberish! (not intending to curse you here) I have to agree, UTW is pretty good. The only problem with upgrading, its hit and miss with plugin compatibility.

  7. I have just upgraded and I really do like version 2.3.2!

  8. FlipBoard,

    Do you use the built in Rich Text Editor? If so have you tried the spell checker?

    What do you like about it over the previous version you were using and what version was that?

    I’ve just found my favorite themes are broken for 2.3.2. More to come on it soon.

  9. Good Morning Dave
    If I don’t upgrade to WordPress 2.3.2 at this time will it cause problems upgrading to future releases?
    Thanks, Jim

  10. Jim,

    No, that is one nice thing about WordPress you can skip as many upgrades as you want.

    This was a security upgrade so it might be a good idea to do it. It isn’t as detailed as a typical upgrade I didn’t even have to run the upgrade script after installing the files.

  11. Hi Dave,

    I knew I would find what I needed here….I started this new site on wordpress about a month ago, I like to tinker but the upgrade stuff is too geek to me, read enough to know things go wrong. Who would you recommend to do updates and know what and when its needed? I have bluehost –
    Selling real estate is first – Your geekness,

  12. Terry,

    A couple of questions.

    Did you do the original install yourself? If so, it is pretty easy to do the upgrade.

    Do you have FTP access to your files, including the WordPress files?

    If so, even if you didn’t do the orginal install it is a fairly simple process to do the upgrade.

    I can better help you with this information in hand.

  13. How do you like the functionality of the upgrade?

  14. Paul,

    This particular upgrade was security bug fixes. When it was complete you didn’t even have to run the upgrade.php.

    No new functions, bug fixes and security leaks.

    I don’t notice anything different and some of the bugs that were in the 2.3 version are still there, like tags starting with , and the spellchecker still being broken for the RTE.

  15. Oh I see thanks Dave

  16. I upgraded from 2.0.4 to 2.3.2 and I wish I hadn’t. Visual editor is completely broken, image upload is useless, TinyMCE displays many Javascript errors. I’m stuck since I don’t know how and when will I post again and there’s no way I’m going to reinstall everything. Searching for solutions so far without success. Do you have any suggestions?

  17. Roxx,

    I experienced the same thing. You can use the other editor or Windows Live Writer which is free. Switch of the Rich Text Editor under options users uncheck RTE.

    I’ve got to get out of here right now, but there is a way to get the older text editor back. I’ll write about it later today.

    All is not lost. You can get a functional RTE back. Till then you can use the above workarounds to post.

  18. Hi all, I have upgraded my wp to 2.3.2 and I start experiencing problems with the visual editor. As I see, it can be caused by many reasons. In my case was because I use an old version of the theme “Lowstream” (version 2.1.0) . To solve it I copied the WP file “prototype.js” (wp-includes/js) into the directory “js” of the theme. After I copy this file the visual editor start working again!
    Hope this trick can solve your TinyMCE!

  19. Juan,

    Thanks for the tip. I’m glad you were able to getting it working again and willing to share the information.

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