WordPress 2.3 Why we will wait

blowing up tagsThere is a lot of hype about the release tomorrow of WordPress 2.3. There are parties being planned, it is a big roll out.

They have done a much better job of explaining what is going to happen and what plugins work and which ones do not. Check this list of working and non-working plugins. WE WILL NOT BE UPGRADING IN THE NEAR FUTURE!!

The lab is where I try out new things and usually upgrade to the latest version of WP when it comes out and provide some feedback on the changes, caveats and land mines.

However, this latest version is including “tagging” in the base functions of WordPress. The changes are going to break a lot of plugins dealing with tags. UTW (Ultimate Tag Warrior) is one of them along with just about every other tagging plugin now associated with WP.

It is being stated that as is not many bloggers are taking the time to set up a tagging plugin so it is being included to make it easier for those that have never used them.

One of the things that set RE blogs apart from many WP bloggers WE DON’T BLOG FOR FUN. We blog as a part of our business.

In the past when things have been broken for a while with a new upgrade it was more an inconvenience than anything. But messing with the tagging system isn’t just an inconvenience it goes to the core of how we get found in the search engines.

If you upgrade your WP blog to 2.3 you will have to use the built in tagging system, UTW and others won’t work because of the changes being made to the database structure itself.

From what I’m reading it also appear this upgrade will “EITHER DELETE OR REMOVE ALL EXISTING TAGS ON EXISTING POSTS

Are you prepared to have all the tags on all your posts suddenly removed. Do you know what havoc this will create for how your site is viewed by the search engines?

I tag for local tags as well as technorati tags. I haven’t seen this addressed anywhere in the new tagging system. I don’t care about tag clouds, which are being added in this release. I think they are ugly and take up too much real estate on the screen.

The lab isn’t into new things that can wreck self destruction. No, we won’t be upgrading anytime soon.

My suggestion to RE bloggers. WAIT. If you go to an Upgrade party tomorrow, be the designated blogger and let the hobby and geek bloggers go first.

Remember those kids that liked to build beautiful models of cars so they could blow them up? That is what this sounds like to me. I’ll be following this with interest over the next week.

I have some small single property site blogs which are not longer needed (the house actually sold) I’ll upgrade a couple of those with existing posts and tags. I’ll also be watching to see if some of the plugin authors UTW primarily make changes to the plugins so they will still function under this upgrade.

For me this is one time where “If it isn’t broke don’t fix it” comes into play. The logic “Well most people aren’t using tags anyway so lets blow everything up for those that are in hopes that those that don’t will. DUH!

Let us know your experience if you do upgrade or have further information to share.


  1. Good call, Dave. I’m right there with ya.

    I’m all about someone else “taking point” so to speak when it comes to computers/technology that could potentially cripple what you are currently relying on. Let them trip over any land mines – and if theres any glory to be had, they can have it.

    Unless theres a good reason for me to upgrade, I’m almost always inclined to stick with what I’ve got if its working for me.

    I’ll be sitting on the sidelines, cheering them on. Charge up that hill fellas! Let me know when you get there what you find. 😛

  2. I do not plan on upgrading mine until I am sure that it is a true “upgrade”. I see no need to “Ready. Fire. Aim!” That seems to be happening a lot these days…

    Great points and I second them..

  3. This is one of those times when the “I’ll upgrade mine if you’ll upgrade yours.” Isn’t going to happen : )

  4. Amen. I can’t afford to 1) have my blog go down or 2) fix my blog should it go down. I’ll upgrade right after you. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the advice. I have yet to employ a tagging plug-in (although this it’s well past due), but I’m still inclined to wait.

    For your sake, it seems like the good plug-in guys will provide some sort of conversion soon enough.

  6. Steve,

    I highly recommend using Ulitmate Tag Warrior. It isn’t that hard to set up and once you do it is on auto pilot.

    One of the hidden advantages of tagging is the indexing of those tags by the search engines. Sometimes I’ll have a post that isn’t in the index for one reason or another, but the tag still is. End result the post still gets found.

  7. I have had trouble after updating. I am enthusiastic about this release, but I too will wait.

  8. Maureen,

    I’m enthusiastic as well. I wish the visual editor had more going for it in this release.

    Personally, I wish they had adapted the UTW format for tagging and made it a seemless transition for those of us already using tags.

    This really is my biggest concern. It is important that we keep these tagging structure so Google and others can find those pages associated with our existing tags.

  9. John Lockwood says

    Luddites! My upgrade’s done already.

    Your blogs are so ten minutes ago!


  10. John,

    You crack me up.

    Good to know, all your tags in tack?

  11. John Lockwood says

    I didn’t have any before, so it’s easy for me to come in here and act like an idiot. 🙂

    I have some now, though:


    If I had existing tags, I’m sure I would have had the same concerns as you. I had to take this once in a lifetime opportunity to beat the bloglab to an upgrade.

  12. John,

    This is an historic occasion. Thanks for being a pioneer. But then again, you are one of those that came to the Internet in a covered wagon.

  13. John,

    I just took a look at your cloud, very nice. I hope that doesn’t sound too suggestive?

  14. John Lockwood says

    Oh, thanks. Wow, covered wagon! Cool….

    No, not suggestive at all. The tag cloud’s easy to do, one line of wordpress 2.3 code. The getting ready for WordPress article has a link to how to set up tagging support in a theme.

    All in all it was pretty easy, one glitch but there was a fix in the support area.

    I’m kind of unsure where it all fits in in terms of the user experience (or SEO, for that matter), but it was fun to play around with.

  15. Thanks for the info Dave. I was waiting for the new version to come out before I started working on my 1st WordPress Blog. Now I have an excuse to putting a new blog together. I guess I will wait a month or two until the glitches get worked out.