WordPress 2.3 Can An Interface Ruin Your Attitude About Blogging ?

The last day of the year, the time when everyone does the “Let’s look back. . . ” or the “Lets see what the future hold for 2008.”

I’m sitting here like I do so many days seeing there is yet another update to WordPress version 2.3.2. I didn’t bother with 2.3.1 and now there is talk of 2.4 just around the corner.

There has been one post here in two months. That is pathetic and the one post that is new was written by Steve Belt on his experience of a Domain Name Change for his blog. Thanks Steve for sharing your experience. From the look of your blog you survived the transition and will thrive in 2008.

There haven’t been a lot of new plug-in though I’ve downloaded a few, but installed none recently.

I’ve been busy these past couple of months with of all things “The business of Real Estate” I know all of us are supposed to be taking second jobs or finding new careers because of the death of the real estate market, but that hasn’t been the case for us. We just had our best year ever. The past two months have been incredibly busy.

Even so, I’ve found time to post on the other three RE blogs I author and maintain. So what’s the deal? I hate WordPress 2.3 interface. They broke it in so many ways and moved things around which to me are not intuitive that I hate working on it, or with it. This is the only blog I’ve updated to the 2.3 version. The rest are still familiar and I like it that way.

I had to take two days just to get the lab back functioning after the upgrade which killed my favorite plugins for tagging and the editor interface as well as the spellchecker. I finally cobbled it all back together still giving up some functionality on meta tags which I had before. What did I gain. Internal tags which I already had with Ultimate Tag Warrior. I gave up a lot of tagging structure and interface familiarity as well as having to spend hours getting the editor and spell checker back functioning only to be faced with a constant reminder “A new version of WordPress is available!” Yippee Skippy!

Yes this interface has kept me from spending much time here.

But it isn’t the only reason there have been few posts. Google has been making changes so fast there isn’t even time to check if something is being impacted before they change again which throws out all analysis to date and I start over. Running all the blogs on different versions with some plugin only working on the newest version and some only working up to 2.3 makes it a lot harder to evaluate and recommend any of them.

I’ve been working on several posts but the data I have is either inconclusive or I haven’t even figured out what I’m looking at yet. I have data on Google Alerts which comes in all the time. I know some of what I’m seeing isn’t what is supposed to be happening, but I don’t know yet exactly what is happening. It might be some people/sites buying links. But I don’t know if that is the case, I suspect it is but their links have “no follow” on them which means they are paying for links which they are getting but are of no use to them other than providing income to the business they are paying, if this is what I’m seeing.

I’m hoping the new version will fix some really annoying bugs in the 2.3 version. I’m about to find out as I disable all the plugins and go through the painful process of upgrading and finding what is new and what is broken in the process.

I’m a big fan of “If it isn’t broken don’t fix it.” This is something I wish the WP Dev team would take to heart in 2008. The blogging interface should be there to expedite the process not continue to move land mines around and create new ones for the end users which are the bloggers themselves.

Oh, yeah, to all that have been helped this year from dropping by the Lab, Happy New Year! The same to all those who have contributed very helpful information in comments and guest posts.

Now I’ve broken my silence and gotten my rant out of the way maybe I can move on. There are some new things coming which are interesting, not all related to WP or Plugins. All of this is assuming the 2.3.2 upgrade doesn’t blow the lab to kingdom come.


  1. Happy New Year, Dave! The world would not be the same without you.

  2. Hi Greg,

    Thanks, Happy New Year to you as well. May the hound howl magnificently in 2008.

  3. Well, two things. First of all, nice to see a post here again, since this is my favorite real estate technology blog, except maybe for mine, which doesn’t count because I’m an egomaniac. Secondly, it was darn nice of you to make it all the way through the things you hate about 2.3 and not blame me for talking you into it.

    Have a great new year.

    Yeah, WordPress certainly has its ups and downs. Stear clear of Page Category Plus. But then again — can’t beat the price!

  4. John, Great to hear from you. Have a great New Year! I would never blame you for leading me into the morass of 2.3.

    But I will blame you for getting me sucked into the vortex of Cre8Buzz. I should climb out of there, dust off my shoes, and go to hyper drive to get out of social networking. They are like a black hole to a blogger. And can be an addiction.

    I should delete my profile and not look back. Maybe next week. : )

  5. I know what you mean. One of the emerging themes at ParticleWave is a critique of social networking, which I see as the online equivalent of hanging around the office chatting. Nice, perhaps necessary on a human emotional level, but different from working.

  6. John,

    That’s a perfect analogy for social networking. Which is why I’m seriously thinking of going cold turkey and pulling the plug on my Buzz profile.

    I’ve got one of facebook, but for the life of me I can’t even figure that thing out. So no threat to time around the cooler there.

    Glad to see the Particle Wave thriving. I enjoy the posts. All except the one on Cre8Buzz which was the rabbit down the rabbit hole for me. : )

  7. Happy New Year Dave! At least you made me feel good about staying on WP2.2!

    I hope you have a great 2008.

  8. Lydia,

    I hope you have a great 08 as well. I’ve kept all the other blogs at 2.2 and like them very much. The only problem I see is the plugins that are being developed now are for the new format which means at some point I will have to bring them up to date.

  9. Dave-

    Did you see this post I wrote a while back?

    Widget Says Goodbye

    I’m curious if you notice any of the same behavior from AutoRoll? The speed performance of my blog has improved tremendously since I removed it. At that time, I noticed the lab here was loading very slowly, but now it seems to be much faster. Kinda makes me think the folks at Criteo found a bug they fixed. If so, I’m giving myself credit for nudging them…

  10. Steve,

    I did see that and checked the load time on a couple of my other blogs and found the ones with avatars loaded slower than the one here which is only text.

    Lately I’ve noticed they are all loading much faster. I agree Criteo seems to have made a much needed change.

  11. James Boyer says

    Yah, you guys need to write a little more this year. What you have written so far is very interesting and well received.

    Keep it coming.

  12. Great to have you back.

    I don’t have nearly the experience with WP that you do, but I have been researching SEO a lot lately. If you ever need a stand-in author when you get busy again, let me know. I could come up with a post or two.

  13. Scott,

    Thanks for the offer, I’ll keep that in mind. : )

  14. I’d be happy to help out as well Dave. I’ve done a few guest posts on RSS pieces and Webnewsforus. Just let me know if you have a particular topic you’d like covered or a different oppinion.

  15. The new interface is a vast improvement on the old one, one click to join an RSS feed much easier.

  16. Alice,

    Which new interface there have been several are you talking about 2.5?

    I’m not familiar with what you are talking about “one click to join an RSS feed”? Could you expand on that?


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