WordPress 2.3 and Askimet Approved Comments

I have moderation turned on for comments on the blog lab.   The setting is for approval of all first time comments and once approved the person making the comments can continue to make comments as long as there are not more than 3 links in a comment.

I’ve noticed lately, that all the people that have been approved before are no longer approved.   This happened with the last WP update.

I have not added any additional spam filters to the lab or even updated any.   If you don’t see a comment wait a little while.   It might be stuck in the spam filter, because instead of them going to be approved with an email notification to me they are going directly to the spam filter.

This is appears to be an undocumented “feature” of the last upgrade. : )


  1. Dave as you know I’m new to WP, so I may be missing something, but I am seeing on my dashboard that akismet has saved me from 7 spams but I have only seen 2 and their not in comments/akismet spam.

    Is this the same thing you’re talking about? I just hope I’m not missing real comments.

    BTW I am on 2.3.1

  2. Scoot,

    Do you have askimet configured to automatically delete spam after 30 days?

    One thing about askimet, you have to check it. You don’t get an email notification when a comment goes in the spam filter.

    If you have that checked it and your site is more than 30 days old it might have already deleted those.

    But being in the moderation queue, is different than be in spam.

    You are ahead of the lab on your version. I’ve got the annoying UPDATE NOW message going on all over the blog, which I find very annoying, but I’m not going to upgrade just yet, it took me two days just to get things working again after the last update.

  3. Thanks, I think I’m ok b/c I tried it, but I can’t figgure out, when my dashboard says it’s saved me from more spam I go to the comments section and it’s not there. It was saying 6 before this morning – now it says 7 but its not in the comment/spam.

  4. One more Q I had for you is how you have the pics in your comments.

  5. Scoot,

    I do know this much, that number is only increased as comments are deleted. So if the number is higher, it has already been deleted.

    I don’t know if this is something with 2.3.1 or not.

  6. Thanks for your help Dave. Much appreciated!

  7. Love your use of the prase “undocumented feature”!! I looked that up my Thesaurus under “bug”…(grin) Found it right away!

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