1. I upgraded Dave. I don’t know if it was on the “downslope” though. lol. I used to be on WP 2.2.1 which go daddy installed for me via my control panel .. not once, but twice. So when they told me I should reinstall again b/c of issues I was having I decided to do it my self. I was in over my head. But I thought if I wanted to know what was going on under the hood I should try to do it myself. I can’t believe I did it, but it works, it took about 14 hours before I was back up, but it worked. It’s kinda like agony when your site is down, isn’t it?

  2. Agony indeed, like having one of the kids sick and you’re the doctor.

  3. Thanks for the clean and concise meta-tag description Dave. You’re doing the great real estate community a big favor by being the ginnie pig with the new WP version, and a good samaritan for documenting your results 🙂 Thanks!

  4. You welcome, I think : )

    Ginnie pigs often die.

  5. Dave, thanks for all of the hard work getting things nailed down with 2.3, and then sharing how you’ve done it. You have me close to upgrading my “lab” blog to 2.3, to see if I can properly implement tags.

  6. I need some work on meta tag descriptions. I try and write relevant descriptions that portray the page, but sometimes Google does their own thing anyway.

  7. @Dave-nice write up and much needed for the blogging community that does not munch SEO for breakfast, lunch, dinner and (like Taco Bell) 4th meal as well!

    @Barry–Yes, Google will sometimes take what it deems to be a relevant (read KW rich) piece of your text in place of the description.

  8. Dave, I’ve been using godaddy with WordPress, and seem to be having issues that are specific to godaddy. Do you have experience with godaddy or have a better hosting service to recommend?

  9. I’ve got over 20 blogs running on godaddy and have no issues.

    Here is my question. Are you setting up your own databases or are you allowing godaddy to do it.

    I would recommend you do it all yourself from inside your own hosting account.

    Did you buy a premium hosting account? Have you checked to see if you are running out of server room?

    What are the specific issues?

    Personally, I really like godaddy, but as I said I configure all my own databases, do my own installs of WordPress.

  10. Yes, I’ve set up my own database and installed WP2.3 because I was having the same issue with a 500 Internal Server Error when I had them install WP through the dashboard. Ive traced it back to wp-cahe plugin which I see is an issue with godaddy, in the WP forums. I have turned off the plugin but am still getting the same results. I don’t know how to check if I’m running out of server room, but I think I have the premium account, which I have only had for less than a month so it shouldn’t be pushing the limit yet I wouldn’t think. I’ll go check out my account and make sure I have the premium acct. My page loads ok but when I refresh I get the error, and then refresh again and it loads ok again. If you have any quick solutions I would love to hear them, but please don’t spend a lot of time on this, I know you’re busy and I don’t want you to use a lot of your time. I will eventually figure it out. Thanks Dave

  11. Scoot,

    I can reproduce the error on the refresh in FF it does alternate, in IE it won’t refresh at all, but if I cursor to the URL address and hit return it will reload.

    So it only seems to be triggered through a refresh.
    Not familiar with the WP-cache plugin.

    Anybody out there have an idea here?

    The good news, most of us never hit refresh except on our own sites. At least it is functional.

    On checking your space and bandwidth. Log into your account select your hosting package and look in the right hand navigation it will give you the general specs of space and bandwidth. You shouldn’t be running out of space on a premium account. On a basic account you can fill it pretty fast with images if you use them.

  12. I can say that I am on the deluxe acct. I don’t know if that is the basic or not. The premium is on a dedicated server right?

  13. Dave I have had many discussions about meta tags with SEO’s and most can’t see any value. The point to me is you get a chance to write a small sales pitch as to why someone should click on that search result. Now many times the search engines do choose their own text from the body, but for the little work it requires why not write that short sales pitch?

  14. Ken,

    As stated in the post, that is the main reason I want them. I find the only time Google rewrites them is if there is a better keyword rich phrase or sentence.

    If you write so they opening of the post is keyword rich they usually just use it

  15. Scoot,

    The lab was down for about an hour, GoDaddy must have had a server issue, all my sites on this server were AWOL. Another reason to split your web presence over several server and hosting accounts.

    Deluxe is what I have for all my sites. keep most of them on this hosting account but do have two other Deluxe accounts and two other economy accounts for sites for my kids.

    We still need some help for scoot’s refresh issue.

    And I don’t need anyone telling him to take a shower and hit F5.

  16. lol 🙂

  17. @Scoot–Have you tried to delete the files from the wp-cache plugin or did you just turn the plug in off…often deleting the plugin’s files will cure it.



  18. @Dave–Yep. I agree with the quote below. If you do that with a series of posts in a category then your category page gets some pretty good run as well.

    Quote–“If you write so they opening of the post is keyword rich they usually just use it”

  19. Eric, Yes that is what I had to do. Now everything seems to be working fine. I thought I could just turn it off, but I had to completely delete it. Thank you Eric, and thank you Dave for allowing me to use your space like this. You guys are great. I feel a blog commin’ on.

  20. Scoot,

    Eric is spot on this one. Deactivating should work, but I’ve found deleting the file is the only real way of knowing for sure.

    While I like plugins a lot of plugin authors know enough to make things work, but don’t always write good clean code.

    And this is why I created the lab in the first place. Glad you found us. Eric is a huge help.

  21. Well thank you both!! You inspired me to write a post about this and to refer you both to all that read my humble blog. Post is live now.

  22. I have to agree with Ken. Why not invest the time and write a short sales pitch? Give the search engines a choice.

  23. I have been using this plugin on many of my blogs for months and am very happy with the search engine traffic that has increased hence.
    but i still feel they need to do something about the position of their tags, they need to be closer to the top of the opening tag for search engine indexing.

  24. Daniel,

    They have done all they can to get them as high as possible. If the tags aren’t appear high it is due to the theme design and not the All-in-one-SEO plugin.

    When theme designers follow a good flow and framwork the tags appear quite high.

    In the theme you used for your URL there is not reason for the sidebar to be called at the very top. The main loop or header file should be changed to call those much later than they are being called.

    In your theme tremendousjobpath the All-in-one SEO tags are in the first 18 lines of code, that is good theme design.