WordPress 2.1 Upgrade Update

It has been an “interesting” couple of days since our upgrade to Worpress 2.1   For now here is my recommendation, WAIT   This upgrade is not ready for prime time.  


  • If you like to spend  hours and possibly days  getting your blog back up and working then you are ready.  
  • If you aren’t using any plugins at all and have limited catgories and blogroll you can probably upgrade.
  • Otherswise if you want to upgrade and have everything working then you  have to wait.  

I’m still stuggling with numerous issus and when I think I have one fixed another pops up.   I did the five steps to get ready for the upgrade.   There should be at least 5 more steps they conveniently skip.    My guess the guys at  Wordpress figure if most of it works it is ready and we can work the bugs out as we go.   Again if you like tinkering with the php code, the HTML code, the CSS etc. etc.   You are all set.  

If you want to upgrade and get on with blogging, you need to WAIT.

Here are issues I’m still working on or have resolved.  

Our theme for this blog won’t display the blogroll at all.   All categories have been put together in this new version.   The post categories and link categories are now categories.   I mentioned this in the previous post.   There is some programming in our theme that can’t handle this.   I’ve tested several other themes and most do quite well with the new way the blogrolls are handled.

I’m using Ultimate Tag Warrior for tags in the posts.   It has issues with 2.1.   Whenever you approve a comment on a post it deletes the tags from the post. There is supposed to be a work around, I added the code for the work around, it didn’t work.   The other way I’ve heard to deal with it for now.    

  1. Open the post in edit mode
  2. Copy the tags
  3. Approve the comment
  4. Open the post in edit mode
  5. Paste the tags back in
  6. Save   (of course)

The next issue,  our RSS feeds (both blogs)  were coming up with errors saying they weren’t valid.   I’m using the feedburner plugin to consolidate all our feed traffic. No one could subscribe to our blogs.   I spent several hours on this one doing research and trying different things.   I updated the feedburner plugin and made sure the options were set.   That corrected the RSS feed issue.

One of the steps I think they left out was this.  

Don’t just deactivate your plugins and then activeate them one at a time after the upgrade.   Go to this list of 2.1 Compatibility Plugins  and if you see one there you are using, get the latest version and install it.     Do this on the old version of wordpress unless it says specifically it won’t work with any version older than 2.1

If you don’t find one of your must have plugins there go to the author’s website and ask if it is 2.1 ready and if not, when there will be a version ready for 2.1

Next thing I would do before an upgrade is contact your theme author (if you can) and find out if the theme is ready for 2.1.   I would also recommend you shop for a theme that is 2.1 ready that you could use as your new theme if you decided to upgrade.

Again, if  you don’t have to upgrade right now, I would wait for some if this to shake out so you aren’t beating your head against the wall.   I don’t feel to bad about making the upgrade since that is one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place.   To test things out and see what happens.

I am sorry I upgraded the Tucson Real Estate News blog at the same time.   I wish I had waited.   The theme doesn’t seem to have any issues with the blogroll, but having to work around comments to keep the tags is a big pain.

That’s the latest from Lake WordPressbegone.   I’ll keep you informed as fixes or new issues arise.


  1. Bless you for doing this. When you’re in Phoenix, say so. I owe you a beer.

  2. Thank you, thank you! for taking the leap, and for painstakingly noting your progress. As I use the same theme, I am most interested and I am incredibly grateful for your efforts.

    Good luck.


  3. Another one bites the dust.

    It does appear there is a valid update to Ultimate Tag Warrior. I discovered it was also wiping out tags on pingback which you don’t have to approve so there was no way to trap it, the tags just disappeared.

    I would recommend you get the latest version of UTW and re install on your blog.

    It is also what was causing the blog to appear to blow up when you tried to submit a comment. I think that issue has been fixed with the UTW update.

  4. As you can see I have the blogroll back up. I had to modify and comment out some code to get it back up.

    This theme executes a select query against a table that doesn’t exist anymore. WordPress has changed the table structure adding an additional table and removing the link_categories table from the MYSQL backend.

    I need to move on for now, so I’ll leave the workaround till I have time to see about changing the query in the theme.

  5. Greg,

    I’ll let you know when I’m in town. I’d love to share a beer (well we each would get our own, you know what I mean by share a beer) and get to meet you. Thanks.


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