WordPress 2.1 Upgrade Update 1.1

Things are rolling along nicely in the world of WordPress 2.1   I reported just a few days ago that I didn’t thing this version was ready for prime time, it wasn’t.   I think it is much closer now and most could update now following the upgrade guidelines from WordPress and heeding some of the additional things I mentioned in the previous post.

I would no longer hesitate updating to WordPress 2.1 but make sure you follow the above recommendations or you could regret it.   Make sure you qualify or update all your plugins before you update.

Here is a look at the new post/page editor.

wordpress editor

There are some new changes to the post/page editor.

  1. Preview tab is gone   I DON’T LIKE
  2. The insert image now has Border, V & H space I LIKE IT
  3. You have to type the entire path for the image insert I DON’T LIKE IT
  4. If you have to downsize the image you can no longer simply replace it. You have to change the setting in code for size and style or delete and reload the image. UGH
  5. The “Insert” “Cancel” buttons are switched.
  6. Spell checker added, it is different and take some getting used to NEUTRAL
  7. Switch between Code & Visual mode with a tab I LIKE IT
  8. If you highlight and move code it breaks I DON’T LIKE IT
  9. It now has autosave I LIKE IT, but when the save is happening the category checkboxes all blank out.   Don’t panic when the save is complete they are back.
  10. Things are all moved around on the page NEUTRAL, it just take some getting used to.

The blogroll is different with all references to links being gone for the most part.  

Comments now have their own tab.   That is nice in a way, but I can no longer see the spam filter for Askimet (4) without clicking on the comments tab.   I liked it right out there where I could see how many were in the queue.

I would also recommend that when you log into your blog’s dashboard you scroll down and see what is new out there on WordPress.   There are new themes, plugins and fixes showing up daily in that section.

Plugin Updates.

Subscribe to comments   I hope that fixes the error you all have been seeing when you post a comment.   If you get that error, just hit the back button, you will see your comment.
Ultimate Tag Warrior The bug with the tags disappearing after a comment or trackback seems to have been fixed with the latest update.

Askimet   The spam filter, there is a new version included in the 2.1 upgrade, you will need to install it by hand but it is included in the 2.1 files under plugins.

Be sure to check the 2.1 compatibility plugins list.

Would I upgrade now if I hadn’t? YES I would.   I know some have said to wait a year.   A lot happens in a year.   I think a lot of good things happened in a week.   If you are still hesitant, wait another week, I’m sure there will be more fixes and updates coming this week.   But I no longer see any deal breakers out there and the wordpress blogging community is responding very quickly to any issues that do seem to pop up, or jump out and bite.