WordPress 2.1 Text Editor Why I hate it

 I’ve spent so much time trying to get 2.1 up and running with the Tiga theme and various plugins I haven’t done much in the way of posting.   Now I’m trying to post and the new editor is biting me hard.   Of course I discover this after saying it might be ok to upgrade to 2.1.    


I have a lot to write about today because for the past couple of days I’ve been trying to figure out how this new editor works.   The old editor was pretty simple to use.   For example

If I wanted to display an image to the right with text to the left.   I inserted the image. selected the image and selected justify right.   That would put the image inside a div and I was off and running.

However, the new version with the code tab doesn’t work that way, and when I try and put a div statement in by hand it removes it.   And you might even notice that in code view, for the most part it isn’t like the HTML editor of the past   there are no visible paragraph or break tags.  

So instead of writing I’m trying to figure out the editor with no great luck.   I’ve searched on WordPress on changes to this thing,   I’ve found nothing.

Now I’m trying to find an editor I can use that will allow me to do what I want and hope that someone will fix this stupid editor.   I can’t believe I’m the only person out there that wants to display their images beside text.

Any suggestions on an editor?   The only reason I didn’t try blogjet, no technorati tags.   I really like that feature.   I see there is a new blogjet 2.0 out there.   I’ll do some more reading on it.

Again, any suggestiong.   Trust me I am open,   I just don’t want to give up any of the functionality like tags, technorati tags, images beside text.   Tweaking from a code view when I want to.  

I want a smart editor but not one that thinks it is smarter than me.