WordPress 2.1 is out Ella it is

Last last night I saw the new version of WordPress was available for download and installation.   I added it first to the Tucson Real Estate in The News.   I followed the instruction of de-activationg all the plugins and backing up the database before placing the new files and running the upgrade.php.

WARNING.   When you go back to activating your plugins; if you are using the sidebar widget make sure you activate it before you activate any other plugin associated with the sidebar widget.   Simply put:   Activate the sidebar widget first.  

I just started at the top and was working my way down the list.   Like I said it was late, I probably should have waited. . .   When I activated the Active Discussions before the sidebar widget the site blew up.   I couldn’t get back to the dashboard.   It created an error trying to find the sidebar widget.

I went to my FTP program and renamed the active discussion widget so it couldn’t be called and I was back in.   I activated the sidebar widget, changed the name back and I was in.   Save your self the trouble.

Second.   I’ve read today that Ultimate Tag Warrior needs to be upgraded, it appears there is or was a bug that causes tags to be deleted from post when you approve a comment.   From the dashboard you will see a post at the bottom with a link to the UTW upgrade, not sure but I think there still might be an issue here.

Third.   The Tiga theme seems to have an incompatibility issue with links.   I upgraded the blog when the first one went smoothly, but the links in the sidebar widget just came up with an error.   I changed the theme and all was well, but in Tiga I get the error.   I’ll have to see if I can find out what to change, or change themes.

No, I haven’t decided to take down the blogroll.   I’m still resarching the SEO link farm issue of a blogroll.  I’ll have it up sometime today, either by finding the offending code (doubtful) or finding a new theme (likely).


  1. This editor now has a tab for code or visual, that is NICE.
  2. The ability to group change links from one category to another is gone.   NOT NICE
  3. You can add categories on the fly. OK   I prefer a little planning
  4. All categories for links and post are stored in one place. CONFUSING
  5. This editor now lets you highlight a series of lines and click the numbered blockquote and it puts all the lines as a numbered list.   I don’t think I could do that before.   NEW TO ME ANYWAY
  6. It is supposed to be much kinder on the server with quicker load time of the blog and post.   I hope so,   I’m still trying to get my theme to work. NICE IF TRUE
  7. When you go to add a link to a post the cancel and insert buttons are switched, you might want to pay attention to this instead of just doing what you usually do. MAYBE A GOTTCHA
  8. The preview tab is gone, you have to scroll down to see the preview. NOT NICE

There is a very different look and feel, it will take some time to get used to some of the changes, links are now blogroll, like I said moving categories for links is one at a time.   You can now checkbox and group delete links but I would rather delete one at a   time and group check and change categories.

Well I guess I’ll push the publish button and see what happens.   I’ll post more as   I learn more.   Anything you want to pass along to others here please do, I’ll see if the tags disappear when you comment.


  1. One other new feature. Pages can now be set to Private or draft as well as posts. It was high time for that one.

  2. I just approved a comment for this post and the tags were deleted.