WordPress 2.8 Now I’d Upgrade

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Little White Flowers 2.8

Yesterday I upgraded all my main blogs to 2.8.   At least I think I got all of the main ones.   I backed up each of the databases before doing the upgrades, (not all of them but the main ones, I backed up).   Once the backups were done I did the automatic upgrade on each site.   They all went very smooth.

I was upgrading each blog from 2.7.1   I didn’t try an upgrade over any version gaps.

Here’s Why I’d Upgrade Now

The plugins I wanted for those sites which are key to them functioning up to date. (For example: I had to have Simple Top Navigation) Once I knew all the key plugins were working I began to find some new ones I wanted to try which would only function with 2.8 installed.   (For example: Sliding Panel)

There are more plugins being added daily to take advantage of new functionality of 2.8.   Also the newest upgrades of many plugins require 2.8.

The things I’m learning to live with:

  • The theme and plugin editor that doesn’t word wrap
  • The moving around of functionality I am rediscovering (plugin lists for editing new a dropdown, widget layout, etc)
  • The removing of search for plugins from the bottom of the plugin page to plugins “Add New”
  • The need to deactivate a few plugins that are now redundant and break the admin panel if active
  • Dealing with a bristling old Dog being forced to learn where his bones are now being stored

So the   old Dog is dealing with the new version and figures in a day or two 2.8.1 will be made available.   At which time he will be grinding teeth and growling at the “kids” that put this stuff out.


  1. I like the sliding panel idea. I would like to have content staged like that. I guess it could be could be done on a website with java script or php. WordPress is a great program. Great Blog!

  2. I took the plunge and upgraded to WP 2.8.1
    First the server hickups exactly when I was working on it. I get an error message and the site renders a message stating “come back in a minute.”
    Swell, I call GoDaddy who tells me they are having trouble with the server and I need to give it 24 hours. What? (I’m not ranting….really I’m not.)

    While I was moaning about my displeasure, the site comes back up. Feeling like a riverboat gambler I go at it again, this time it worked. Sorta.

    Instead of getting the SUCCESS you did it sign from WordPress, I got Yes it worked and Your Update Failed at the same time.

    Which does one believe?

    Luck fell my way and it had infact updated. Whew.

    Looking at the site, my Simple Sidebars were gone. Yes vanished. No Top navigation, no side navigation.

    Panic setting in I email Mr. Max, the voice of calm tells me the WP 2.8.1 now removes all the plugins, but they should be saved, I just need to reinstall them.

    He was right. There they were all neatly sitting there waiting for relocation back to the homestead.

    Now I was wishing I had grabbed a screen shot of where I had placed them in the first place.

    No worries, At least I didn’t have to build the site all over again.

    I’m approaching the warranty limit on scares to my heart.

    Thankfully all the pieces are put back together. 🙂

  3. Kristal,

    Glad you got it all put back together. Yes, the Simple Sidebar Navigation plugin update has a post of it’s own here at the Lab. I had to reinstall all of mine as well : )


  4. As a newbie on WordPress, I do appreciate the reminder. I had a Google Blog but decided to upgrade to WordPress since it is supposed to be a better platform.