WordPress 2.8.6 Please update now

I upgraded to 2.8.6 and I feel fine

I upgraded to 2.8.6 and I feel fine

That yellow banner keeps staring me in the face from blog to blog as I navigate my little community of blogs. I took the time to run the upgrade on one of the tiny little guys, (we are willing to kill the small and young) but I haven’t done so on those deemed “To Big To Fail”.

Here’s the point. This upgrade fixes a vulnerability on a blog with more than one author. If you are the only author, it’s not a big deal.

Have said that, I don’t like to skip upgrades. I’ve done so in the past to my peril. As genius as the WP crew tends to be there are times when having skipped an upgrade can cause “issues”.

For example, I have a 2.2.3 blog stuck in WP Hell right now. There were some issues with the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin and the renaming of categories (several times). The blog works fine as is, but try and upgrade it and all the categories disappear. Since this blog uses a permalink structure of /%category%/%postname%/ an upgrade kills the blog till all the posts can be added back to their appropriate category.

This is why sticking with the upgrade schedule and not skipping over a few versions at a time is not a good idea.

So, I did it.   Between draft and publish on this blog I clicked the auto upgrade and made the annoying “Upgrade Now” banner go away.

Since I knew this was a mini upgrade fixing a couple of issues in small files I did the unspeakable.   I did not backup the database first.   I did do the upgrade on three small blogs first before upgrading the Lab and the main Tucson blog.

If you want to make that banner go away, go for it.


  1. I can’t seem to get rid of those banners. Every time I do a round of upgrades, there’s a new upgrade. A year or two back I missed several upgrades and I certainly regret it; since, I upgrade as soon as possible. It’s extremely easy to do nowadays and it’s definitely worth it.

    Matt (the WordPress Founder) was talking about 2.9 and he mentioned several sweet features that are going to be included – that’s one upgrade I’m eagerly waiting for.

  2. I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress and I’m having glitches with my current website host and the Thesis theme. Apparently, my host, WordPress, and Thesis are not quite compatible. Perhaps I’m expecting too much! Nice post Dave.
    .-= Joe´s last blog ..Kennewick Real Estate =-.

  3. Joe,

    Great to hear from you, hope the Thanksgiving weekend went well for you and family. I’m not a fan of Thesis theme. I’ve said this to many in person and mentioned it a few times here at the Lab.

    Thesis is a point and shot theme. It redesigns the basic WP Structure and means you have to do things the Thesis way. Many plugins won’t work with Thesis, and it has it’s own architecture for design. Stay inside those bounds or else.

    I prefer a theme I can modify and add what ever plugin I want. I don’t like a theme telling me I have to do it this way or else. So Thesis, is not for me. I don’t like the way it handles h1 tags for one thing. And when someone says to me, can you help me modify my theme, I can’t get it to do this . . . My first question is “Are you using Thesis?” If so I say, “Nope” that’s a question for the Thesis Forum.

    Too many restrictions and limitations.

    That said if you want something out of the box and ready to go, “As far as it will let you go” then Thesis is fine. I prefer to be in control of my sites, and my themes.

    Have a great December.


  4. I love how you live on the wild side Dave. No backup, throwing caution to the wind. I did the same thing accidentally….thankfully suffered no ill effects either. Thesis is a great theme if you want some simplicity. Thinking about getting one of Max’s themes (they are really nice).
    .-= Charles Richey´s last blog ..First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Extended =-.

  5. Charles,

    LOL, not so wild, When I read the reason for the new release I wasn’t too worried. Still I sent three small blogs into the fray ahead of the big guys just to make sure it was safe.

    I Love Max, he has some of the best and most flexible plugins out there. I hate those themes for the opposite reason. No flexibility at all unless you are Max LOL.

  6. I also run a WordPress blog. In the past I have always followed the upgrade schedule religiously, however I did not pay attention to the enhancements or changes that the upgrade contained.

    My primary concern with upgrading is the impact that it will have on my plugins. I am always concerned that a new version of WP is going to foul up my plugins since on the various plugin home pages they say they are compatible up to a certain WP release version.

    I wonder if you Warrior challenge has to do not with the WP release ,but that the plugin is not compatible with higher version of WP. I hope you get it resolved. Could you dump the plugin and then use conventional WP category naming conventions to solve the issue?

  7. Alison,

    The release way back then that took tags from outside the core to internal was a huge change. There were issues with the way the blog category names were changed repeatedly. Then deleted and added back in. It was a novice series of mistakes by the end user. It created a corruption that seems to be fine as long as the database isn’t upgraded.

    Someday we will get back to that one and hand add the categories back into the posts. The plugins weren’t the issue. The major upgrade was. I’ve tried every way to get it to upgrade but the categories disappear every time. No biggie except, categories are in the permalink structure.

    The point really is backup for the major changes, and for the mini ones, if you have a couple of test blogs maybe you send them to the fray first.


  8. I have some blogs still stuck in version 2.7 because the theme won’t go along with the upgrades, and the developer has either stopped working on the theme, or is taking his time. That’s why I’m still looking for good robust themes that can handle all the WordPress upgrades and yet look cool.
    .-= Max´s last blog ..Trusts and probates =-.

  9. Max,

    Are you sure it isn’t a plugin issue and not the theme? What is it that isn’t working correctly?


  10. Max,

    It appears you are using Rocket Themes Elixer 2 theme. It also appears they are no longer supporting that theme. You should look for a new theme. 2.8 is great 2.9 will add even more functionality.


  11. Dave-
    Have you thought about using the redirection plug in to fix the categories problem? It works quick and painless for large scale changes like that.
    .-= Scott Ficek´s last blog ..MN 2009 Certificate of Rent Paid =-.

  12. Scott,

    I’ve never used a redirect plugin but in this case I don’t think it will work. The post are all removed from any category when the database is upgraded. No matter what the permalink structure they have to be put in a category. Therefore all the post (almost 300 of them now) have to be hand put into a category. This means making a map of the posts and their categories. Then once the upgrade is completed, create the categories again and go into each post and assign them to their original category.

    That is why we haven’t upgraded that site.

  13. What causes that? Is WP reworking the structure? Do none survive after the upgrade?

    An alternative is to pay some starving agent to do the work for you. I paid a newbie agent $100 to go into my blog and remove the footer on about 200 posts (I used to post my company name at the end of each post-well when I changed companies, I had 75+ posts with my old company on them). I had her remove all the footers to make life in the future easier.

    In my book $100 was money well spent!
    .-= Scott Ficek´s last blog ..MN 2009 Certificate of Rent Paid =-.

  14. Scott,

    The cause is in the post. and comments. To many categories deleted, recreated, and number reassigned. Plus tags weren’t native at the time.

  15. I was wondering what the update did. I personally didn’t notice anything, and the first few times I tried to update, it didn’t work anyways.
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