WordPress 2.8.5 Upgrade All Clear

WP 2.8.5 all clear to proceed

WP 2.8.5 all clear to proceed

It was late last night when the upgrade notice to 2.8.5 started to appear on my blogs.   (You didn’t know this wasn’t something that showed up all at once everywhere?)   The notice showed up first here at the Lab.   A couple of my test blogs didn’t have the notice when I retired for the night so I put off doing the upgrade till this morning. (Retired for the night, do you like the sound of that?)

This morning there were other pressing issues across town early.   Now I’m back in the office and upgrades on four of my blogs using automatic upgrades have gone without incident or hiccup.

Most of these in between upgrades are to the core files and not a major restructuring of the database.   Typically the only database update is to the field containing the current version of the WP install.   I think that is the case here.

Removing Support for Old Tagging Systems

One thing to note.   This upgrade will remove the support for importing old tags from plugins that are no longer supported.   While the documentation doesn’t specify which I would guess Ultimate Tag Warrior is one of those.   If you still have those tags and haven’t for some reason imported them into your blog that won’t be possible any longer after 2.8.4 from within core WP import routines.

I Love Automatic Upgrades

I have to say, even with as many upgrades as we seem to have with WP.org   I don’t mind them near as much as I used to when it was the old:

  1. download the files
  2. unzip the files
  3. ftp the files
  4. www.myblog/wp-admin/upgrade.php
  5. pray all went well

Those days are not missed in the least.


  1. I remember those days when you had to ftp the whole files over, I love the wordpress automatic upgrade but it still can be a pain when you have multiple blogs, but it is a necessity to make sure you have the current version of wordpress
    .-= Dan Nappi´s last blog ..There is no Short in Short Sale =-.

  2. Yep, I was feeling pretty confident after yesterdays upgrade of my theme, so I too upgraded to WP v2.8.5, All went well hosted on a GoDaddy server.
    .-= Jay Myers´s last blog ..Could the Google Car not find Highland Village? =-.

  3. Saw this update Yesterday and the first thing which I did
    was Backup my Db and updated the wordpress. Though wordpress are releasing very quick update.. 😐

  4. When I select to Upgrade Automatically… WordPress just sends a zip file to my blog’s wp-content folder. I have deleted the zip file (using FTP access) and made several different attempts to automatically install version 2.8.5 (I’m presently using 2.8.4) but get the very same results. My blog is not yet been made public, so even if I gave you the URL you won’t see anything. If there are only a few files that have been updated in this version, I COULD update them manually IF I knew which files… and in which folder they are located. I have post on the WordPress forum previously for help with other issues and received NO help, thus my question here. Can anyone help me with this issue?

  5. Trish,

    If you have FTP access, simply unzip the files and FTP them to your site for the upgrade. You don’t have to know specifically which files to replace. Replace all the WP-Admin and WP-Include folders and root files. The WP-Content folder is the one you DO NOT FTP up for an upgrade.


  6. Thank YOU Dave… and I would gladly try this but… what will happen to the postings and pages I have already published. I cannot find these within any folder view using FTP access, only the plugins, themes and uploads folders. The upgrade folder is empty and the cache folder contains two empty folders called blogs and meta. I soooo much prefer coding with HTML so I know exactly what to do. WordPress is much like working in the dark for me. Thanks again for any help you can offer.

  7. Trish,
    All of your post and pages are contained in your SQL database, no fear about copying over those with FTP’ing in.

    That upgrade folder is a temp folder the auto-upgrade uses from uncompressing and moving things over, Don’t worry about if anything is in there or not.

    It took me a while to get used to the WP way, and PHP coming from an HTML background, but the benefits are well worth it. Stick with it, and you can always get plenty of help in the wordpress community. Coming here to the lab is a great place to ask on top of the wordpress.org site.
    .-= Jay Myers´s last blog ..First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit Extended for Military Personnel =-.

  8. Thanks Jay… Thanks Dave! You are BOTH gems for helping me like you have. I wish you THE best in success in your endeavours! Have sent for a copy of WordPress for Dummies 2nd Edition (amazon.ca) because or your words of encouragement. Hugs to both of you!!!!


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