WordPress 2.8.1 is Out – Upgrade Now!

When it is Broken Then You Fix It

When it is Broken Then You Fix It

I installed a new blog today and immediately upgraded to 2.8.1.   Always easier to do on a new clean install.   I didn’t really notice any difference till I went to the theme and plugin editor.

Remember those nice line number and colors added to make it easier to edit code.   Remember how the editor didn’t line wrap so you had to scroll and scroll and scroll (you get the idea) to follow the code.   Well, IT IS GONE!

For that I’m thankful.   To me it was more important to see all the code on screen than it was to have line numbers and cute color coding.

I don’t know what else has changed.   I just started trolling around the admin panel a bit when I found this change in the editor and decided to let you all know not only does 2.8.1 seem stable it removed that annoying editor.

I know not what else lie beneath but this I know, what I’ve seen so far I like a lot better than 2.8.   What a difference .1 makes.


  1. This one might be worth the upgrade: i usually hold out as I’m afraid they’ll break my template.

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  2. Dave, I am sure you have posted about this but what are you currently using to back up before an upgrade? Last update I had a little scare and of course never backed up my stuff. I thought I should do this before I upgrade this time. Thanks.

  3. Mike,

    I host with GoDaddy. I go into my hosting account where I can backup and restore each of my mysql databases. This is the best and most complete backup of your data.

  4. Thanks a bunch Dave! I always love stopping by to pick up some new tips.

  5. Amen, my friend.

    Sure is nice to get back to the good old fashioned look at the code.

    @Mike Taylor – yep hosting it as Dave does makes it easy. You can also use the WP-Database Backup plugin…it works well enough, but with upgrades, i always go in and do it Dave’s way.



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  6. I am just getting the hang of blogging. WordPress seems the way to go. Eric Blackwell recommended to join the real estate blog lab community so here I go.

  7. Robert,

    Welcome to the Lab. I hope you find a lot of good information here you can use with your blogging.

  8. Hi – I hope you can help me with this, I’m trying my first installation of WP on my host, and just after installing 2.8 got the notice to upgrade. Well, when I select the auto-upgrade option, it just tells me it is downloading it from the zip file but nothing else happens. So I waited and tried a few times and still it tells me I need to upgrade. So I downloaded the zip myself and noticed a lot of files, but are all of these just ones that would go into the root directory? I am not as familiar with WP to be willing to guess and handle each file independantly uploading them to my server.

    What would you suggest?

  9. Vicki,

    First, reboot your computer and open the browser try again the auto upgrade, if this still does not work, then. . .

    Yes you install everything EXCEPT the WP Content folder. Into the root. This should upgrade everything for you. There is no need to do them one at a time.

    I have not run into an issue with auto upgrade especially when going from 2.8 to 2.8.1

    I’m not a fan of IE for a browser. If you have Firefox or Flock I would recommend using either of those for the upgrade.

    Let me know if you get it to go.


  10. Well that is weird, I have tried this from my Mac and from my PC using Firefox on both, IE on the PC and Safari on the Mac with the same result, “Downloading update from http://wordpress.org/wp-2.8.1.zip” and the browser indicates ‘Done’ in the status bar. So I will FTP the contents as you indicated. I had a bit of trouble with an FTP client I picked up for may Mac which did a terrible job of preserving the directory hierarchy intact and I manually fixed all the errors, but perhaps I missed something there. I also noticed I cannot create a new ‘Page’ the ‘new page’ selection just brings me to a not found location in the blog. (so I only have a ‘home’ and ‘about me’ but that is ok i guess).

    Thanks for the help!

  11. oh wait – I am actually trying this from my server not from my computer – I dont’ have a server running and am just doing the updates on my web host. Would the auto-update only be applicable on my own local server? I avoided this due to complexity and being primarily on a Mac, still new to that as well…

  12. Vicki-

    Are you clicking “Automatic Upgrade” or “Download WP 2.8.1”. The one you want is Automatic Upgrade. Sounds like you MAY be clicking the wrong button.

    Hope that helps.

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  13. Hi Eric, thanks but yes I am clicking Automaticc Upgrade – it sells me than that it is ‘downloading updadates from’ the zip file… when I select the ‘Doanload’ option, it actually saves it on my computer. The odd thing is that I’m having this trouble on both the Mac and 2 PCs, using 3 different browsers.

  14. Glad the upgrade seems to be a good one! I really appreciate all of the helpful information.