Woopra Statistics and Analysis

I’m quickly becoming a fan of Woopra for WordPress. Initially I wasn’t impressed with the desktop application. It was a system resource hog and I didn’t find the information organized in an intuitive way.   It used to take forever to load on the blog and I sent it packing one day.

Then something happened. Hittail.com went AWOL for a day. It got me to thinking, I better have a backup plan if they don’t come back. I decided to give Woopra another look. I’m glad I did.

Ways of Measuring Results

Ways of Measuring Results

The Woopra WP Plug-in is a snap to install and there isn’t much to configure. Drop the API Key into the options box and it begins gather information. Valuable information, fun information if you like to geek out on statistics and analysis tools. One name comes to mind the @PhxREguy as I think he goes by these days. It might be Jay is wired differently than most or that he is just plain wired. He loves stats (that engineering background).

Too much to go into, but here is some of the basics. (GET IT, INSTALL IT, USE IT).

Yes, I’ve heard of Google Analytics.   But the real time results of Woopra are a lot more fun.


  1. I’ve always felt the wordpress blog stat tracking is pretty impressive in itself. Coupled with Google analytics, I can’t imagine needing much else. Quite an endorsment though…

  2. Simon,

    The thing I really like about Woopra are the live stats. I can see it all as it is happening, and reproduce the results. It is easy to navigate. Google analytics is like a maze that keep changing.

  3. Hi Dave,

    Live stats is a very interesting feature. It’s nice to track the results of your work immediately. Does that really inform your strategy that much differently? I guess I can see how it would… Anyway you are right about Google Analytics, it’s sort of a mess, and I don’t use anywhere near all the features it offers.

  4. Terence Richardson says

    You can get updated stats on Google Analytics by changing the date but it probably isn’t real-time stats. I’m intrigued now and I’ll have to take a look at woopra.


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