Windows Live Writer Deleted My WordPress 2.3.2 Upgrade is Complete Post

There was a very nice post here. I used Windows Live Writer to create the draft and send it to the blog. It looked good and had an image on it. Once it was published I came back into Live Writer. I had sent the post to the blog as a draft. I finished editing and adding tags on the blog itself.

I came back to Live Writer and the draft was still here. I couldn’t find any way to get it off the screen to start a new post. Finally after clicking on a few things I found where I could delete the draft.

Ah, but it deleted the published post on the blog along with it. So here is my excuse. “Windows Live Writer deleted my post and this is all I have left to hand in.”

I’ll rewrite tomorrow.


  1. Live Writer keeps a copy of both your local drafts that haven’t been sent at all to WordPress and what you’ve published. If you update what you’ve published, it’ll update that to WordPress (including deletions, too, per your recent discovery).

    File / New Post is how you get a new post going. The metaphor is very much Single Document Interface word processor.

  2. John,

    Like you say, as I discovered. I didn’t realize the relationship between the writer and the blog. I thought once I sent it to the blog, the link would be broken especially since I sent it as a draft then finished writing it on the blog.

    But I’ve learned : )

  3. Dave,

    Sorry to hear that your post was deleted. What is Windows Live writer and the benefits of using it as opposed to say Word? Also, is there somewhere you know of that I can download it?

  4. That always drives me crazy. I have written a few emails and then lost them because my internet connection goes down when I press send. I have started writing everything in textpad and then moving it over to my email box or my blog software.