Wibiya Toolbar Support – Get Satisfaction I’m not Satisified

Be careful what you say to Get Satisfaction Tech Support

I’m more than thrilled with the Wibiya toolbar. I’m not thrilled with the way the tech support and documentation is set up.

But yesterday I was really taken aback when I found a question I had submitted to tech support at Get Satisfaction had been indexed by Google. What the Heck. Why are my tech questions even being submitted to Google for indexing?

It works like this, when you want to submit a question to tech support you end up setting up a profile on a site called Get Satisfaction.   You submit your questions and suggestions through this site.

I submitted one question and got a fairly quick response but it wasn’t accurate.   Along with “Why would you want to do that?”   Why would anyone want to fix a typo or correct a broken link?   Gee   I don’t know?

I was also told in a response that I could “do that from the Dashboard”.   No you can’t do that from the dashboard.   I love tech support answers that say you can do something when there isn’t any way to do it.   Then to come back when asked “Where?” to “Well why would you want to do that?”

But the real kicker was to find out that all these tech support Q/A’s are on the web.

So my advice is: “If you have tech support questions for any site that sends you to “Get Satisfaction”   remember, this isn’t just tech support this is public broadcasting of everything you say.   I love the Wibiya toolbar.   I hate their tech support.


  1. This is an interesting read about Get Satisfaction: http://37signals.com/svn/posts/1650-get-satisfaction-or-else
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  2. Seriously, wibiya’s customer service SUCKS. You should see my recent back and forth with them – they just don’t care, and won’t fix errors.