Why I HATE! WordPress 2.6 in less than one minute


First, Flock browser won’t even let me log back into the admin panel after the 2.6 upgrade.

Worse AND I MEAN HORRIBLE WORSE is the removing of the “Insert Image” icon from the Visual Editor.


I FTP my images up to the site. When I want to enter them I click the icon and insert the location of my images. But not any more, some moron thinks I want to use the add media and wait to upload everything in the stupid directory structure they use ONE IMAGE AT A TIME. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

I upload batches of images for use, not one at at time. Will someone please put this back in the visual editor.

If you handle images the same way I do, you DEFINAETLY DO NOT WANT TO UPGRADE TO 2.6 at this time.

Yes I can switch to the HTML view and insert the image, but why not in the visual editor?

Please, would someone start engaging a brain when they make these update. There is a thousand different ways to navigate around a blog, couldn’t it be both ways?

I would have put an image in this post but . . .


  1. I agree…WP 2.6 SUCKS! I am fairly new to all of this so I was running for a few weeks on v 2.51. Everything worked like a charm. For some reason, I got over-confident and decided to upgrade to 2.6 (hey, 2.51 is awesome, this must be better, right?). So, not I cannot insert images into posts. I see the upload media buttons, I select my file and get my thumbnail where I can add caption, title, etc. I hit ‘Insert into post’ and my add screen shows white and I get a little yellow error triangle in IE…permission denied. My images are in the uploads dir and I can manually type in the html into the post and it will display fine. But that SUCKS! Beware!

  2. Warren,

    I hear what you are saying. Go on to the next post and make the changes to your CSS style sheet I recommend there.

    Since I FTP all my images I’m not familiar with the uploading and adding to post routine. From what you say it sounds like that could be an issue. It might be the caption. Try doing it without adding a caption.

    Best though is to add the css in the next post then try it again.

    Good Luck

  3. Perhaps it was a mistake that it was removed. Certainly can’t see why they would do it on purpose.

  4. @Charles Richey
    You haven’t been through too many WP updates or you wouldn’t make that statement. They have a reputation for removing useful stuff and replacing it with things that only half work or don’t work at all. Ex. Spell checker. : )

  5. Thanks for the additional post. I tried what you suggest and it didn’t help my initial post but it need to be done anyhow. I am sure there is some sort of permissions stuff that somehow got screwed up in the upgrade. I still think WP 2.6 upgrade SUCKS! Sorry…thanks for the help and the useful posts though!

  6. Wow, this sounds painful. I’m running WordPress as well for our company blog, but I haven’t upgraded yet. I remember hearing of many security vulnerabilities during the first few weeks of release as well. I think I’ll wait to upgrade until they work out all the bugs.

  7. I never upgrade until the verdict is out on a new version. Don’t want to hear the BS that WP puts out about why this is so great, want to hear real life experiences like this. Will be waiting to see if there is a upgrade to fix this.

  8. I’m running mostly 2.5.1 on all my sites but still runing an older version on one. Can’t you upload all images ftp then just hand write the code or use the insert image deal in the HTML. I personally like the HTML way better then the visual editor becuase you can take out extra bloated code that the new versions of WordPress add.

  9. Toby,

    I wrote some custom code to make it easier to input images in the visual browser. I do strip out the dimension code it auto fills in which leaves the code pretty much what you get with the HTML editor.

    Yes, you can always ftp the images and then hand enter them in the code view. I always ftp the images even in 2.6. What I do like is the checking of the file location by making sure it is spelled correctly so I don’t spend a lot of time checking spelling.

    I’ve learned to deal with 2.6 the more I use it. Once I got the code in place to handle images correctly in the CSS it was much easier. I do like the caption function and find I’m using that more than I thought I would.

    It might be like a wart at times but 2.6 is growing on me.

  10. Guess it’s like everything. Once you get over the new learning curve it is much more pleasant.

  11. Toby,

    I wouldn’t go that far : )

  12. I”m with Ken. I never upgrade to a new version until it’s been out for a while. I’ve read too many horror stories about people who ‘upgraded’ their sytems, sites, whatever only to have to reinstall everything or have gone through too much hassle.

  13. Ken and Charles,

    One of the most painful things I do here in the lab is upgrade WordPress. But it is part of why the lab exists.

    I upgrade so I can find as many obvious issues as quickly as possible. I still have a couple of blogs running on 2.1.2. Only the Lab is on 2.6

    I would never, ever upgrade any of my business blogs without having a test blog or the blog lab to make that upgrade and be informed of where the land mines are so I could defuse them as soon as the upgrade took effect.

    Honestly, most of the issues are not resolved by waiting. Waiting does give you time to know what issues YOU will have to resolve when you upgrade.

    In 2.6 it was CSS code for handling images as the biggest bone. And some plugins which don’t function as they once did.

    Which is why I also would and do wait till I have the lab functioning before I upgrade the business blogs.

  14. Dave thanks for being the test dummy (that sounds bad, but no offense meant). It is nice to have someone that is willing to test things and let everyone else know the issues without us having to deal with them, or at the very least go into the upgrade knowing what issues we are going to face.

  15. I like the title of your post the best. How you hate something is not what got me, it was the in less than one minute part that I really liked.

  16. the admin panel is something i have recently figured out on my personal blog.
    and then scroll down and check the box that says this
    and that will allow you to get into your website and post from flock.
    the problemk im having now is the code is being stripped so i end up with a lot of “p” at the beginning of each paragraph.
    so yeah
    hope that helped a little

  17. WordPress is to web publishing what communist China is to freedom of press. They do not allow you to code anything. Hard breaks ? Deleted. Table padding? Ignored. & nbsp; ? No way buddy!

  18. Mike,

    Actually, since version 2.6 WP has made great strides. I’m now able to do all those things you mentioned above. You do need to make some adjustments to the CSS for tables, and a couple of plugins to keep the TinyMCE from removing html when switching to the visual tab and back. But once you get used to where the landmines exist you don’t step there.