Where O Where has the Lab Rat Gone/Been ?

Oh where oh where can he be?   Well I can tell you a bit about where he has been.


I went to REBarCamp Phoenix.   It was better than last year and the best bar camp I’ve been to yet.   The crew in the second year really put some polish on the event.   Yeah, it could have been better, (Is there a barcamp that can’t improve?)   But it was GREAT as Tony the Tiger and @TonyLazz would say.

Then next day I was on the road from Tucson to Denver.   I like a challenge and a road trip.   So it was up and out early and off to Denver.   Fourteen hours later I pulled into the drive way of Kristal Kraft and Larry her teddy bear of a husband.   On Sunday it was a day to rest, shoot some of Foxbourgh park and head to a showing.   The pre-#REWordcamp Denver was that night and I saw a few of the same faces I had seen in PHX a couple of days before.


This was the first RE WordCamp.   I hope it won’t be the last.   It was great.   I really want to see more RE Geek opportunities.   The RE community is pummeled with Social Media Events, Seminars, Conferences.   Fine, but we are more than the Tweets, Facebook Likes and Links in our LinkedIn Chain.   There is more to our content and presence on the Web than 140 character interaction.

RE Wordcamp was an opportunity to (Yes, visit Social Media once again) but more.   To see how people outside the RE industry are doing things on the net.   Hands on opportunity to toe dip into PHP, HTML and CSS on our sites.   Enough to make some dangerous, and   for others improve understanding and vocabulary.   We were treated to how to submit a WordPress Plugin to WordPress.   I was lost.   Next year I would like to learn how to write a WordPress Plugin.

What I really crave, a total RE Geek-Out.   A place to drink from the firehose.   Hosting, DNS, Domain Forwarding, Setting up the A record.   More?   HTML5, CSS3 and the power those will bring to our fingertips for our sites on the net.

Oh, I could go on and on.   But I won’t, not now at least.   For now, this is an update to let all the Lab Rats know the lab isn’t idle, it is in full swing with so many different projects, it has been hard to find time to write.   It is a wonderful time to be a Geek.

WordPress 3.0 Beta

I’m goofing with WordPress 3.0 Beta on a couple of sites.   I’ve never used a beta version of WP before, but when I logged into my Hosting I found it was available to install so I decided to take it for a spin on one of my (Oh so many domains).   I found the new twenty ten theme to be a wonderful new default theme.   This is going to be a blast.

BuddyPress NOT on MU

I’m still goofing with this one.   I’ve installed and blown away so many installs I don’t remember what the count is at the moment.   Never to do things the simple or straightfoward way, I’m using a BP install in a directory on another site which uses it’s own WP theme and a BP default theme in the folder as a membership directory and meeting area.   (I’m trying to drop the over used word social from my vocabulary)   It seem like it will work just fine once I get it completely setup.   I think this could be a great way to use BP for non-profit organizations to keep membership directories and a place for committees to meet and work.

CSS3 is a Hoot

I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for rounded corners and drop shadows.   And a good gradient fill, can make my heart flutter. (Yes, I’m kidding)   CSS3 is making it very easy to add these effects (On the Fly) without the need of a graphic to display them.   Eye Candy that isn’t load time expensive.   Oh, and you can play with this stuff for hours and hours.

Dispelling Rumors Lab Lights are NOT Out

The Lab has been silent from the posting side, but very active from the experimenting and development side.   I’ll continue to have helpful hints, plugin reviews and advice for how to do all kinds of things with WordPress and Plugins in your RE Business and Blogging.     I’ve just been having way too much fun Geeking out with WP.   I’ll do better in May.   (Yeah, right).

I’ve not been blown away recently by any new plugins, but think with the release of WP 3.0 we are going to see some really cool tools released at the same time.

Next up in June I’ll be heading back to Denver for #REBCDenver 2010.   June 17th.   Looking forward to seeing all the CO Lab rats when there is not snow on the ground.   (At least I hope there isn’t any snow in Denver on June 17th).