When It Is Okay To Say “Great Post”

Blogging From A Covered Wagon

Blogging From A Covered Wagon

There has been a lot written about comment spam including the taboo comment example of “Great Post”.   Did you know there is a time when it is appropriate to to leave a comment “Great Post”.

Today I had a “Great Post comment which inspired this post.   The person who left the comment apologized for leaving it and sent an email saying it would be all right to delete it.   We all know of the unwritten rule of thumb about leaving “Great Post”.

I think it is a great goal for all of us as blogger to be able to say “Great Post.   Someday maybe I’ll be able to leave a comment like “Great Post”.

Here are some examples of when it is okay for you to leave a “Great Post” comment

  • If everyone knows you by a single letter:   T
  • If everyone know you by a single name:   Jay
  • If everyone knows your avatar:  
  • If everyone knows you by your nickname: GotBob
  • If you are a nationally recognized blogger: Linda Davis
  • You have spoken at a national conference: Inman, NAR, REBlogWorld, Bloodhound Unchained, etc. ( This might be a stretch )
  • You started blogging in a covered wagon:   YOU know who you are   ( Most of the name on the list above )

If Scott Kelby left a comment on a photo of mine “Great Capture Dave”.   It would be fantastic.   If my neighbor with his browie instamatic and camera phone did it I would delete it as patronizing or self serving.

A Goal to Attain To

Once I thought having a PR 5 blog would be like blogging heaven   ( don’t get me wrong I still do : )

Now I think attaining a status of being known and respected as an authoritative blogger I can leave a comment “Great Post” and have the author of the post treasure it.   That is a good goal, maybe even a great post goal.


  1. Nice post David. 🙂 You know when I leave a comment like that I do really mean it.

  2. LOL,

    Are you on the list?

  3. Guess I didn’t make the list, now I need to get back in my covered wagon and hit the trail cowboy.

    Teresa Boardmans last blog post..Neighborhood Clean-Up

  4. Oh, you are that T

    Then you top the list.

  5. Normally on real estate blogs you read more about real estate. This is one of the most interesting blog posts I have read on a real estate blog. It sounds like you wanted to get something off of your chest. I think you did a great job.

    Oh by the way Great Post!

    St George Commercial Real Estates last blog post..If you’re thinking of retiring in St. George…

  6. St George,

    LOL, no my chest is fine : ) Glad you enjoy reading posts here at the Lab. Honestly, it isn’t a real estate blog. It is a WordPress Blogging Blog for Real Estate Bloggers. But you knew that, didn’t you ?

  7. Okay. Thanks for the OK post.

    Keahi Pelayos last blog post..Fixing The Financials

  8. Great post.

    (I just couldn’t resist)

    Matt Pellerins last blog post..Scottsdale Events in October 2008

  9. Ok Matt,

    We will indulge your non-resistance : ) ( this time )

    But it doesn’t mean you are on “The List”

  10. Thanks for the indulgence.

    I know, I know… I’ve got a lot of work to do if I ever want to be on “the list”. 🙂

    But, at least I follow and read your blog fairly regularly. I just usually don’t like to comment on blogs anymore with all the finger pointing and spamming going on in the “blog-o-sphere” in general.

    Matt Pellerins last blog post..Scottsdale Events in October 2008

  11. Matt you are always welcome here.

  12. I know I am far from being on the list, but you make a great point about online reputation. If you have proven yourself and developed a great reputation, a comment like “great post” is understood as far from a sad attempt at spam. Your reputation can go a long way! Here we go…Great Post.

  13. Great Post is usually a sure sign someone didn’t bother to take the time to read your post. If you’re a big blogger or well known then why would you stoop to a level like this. Take 30 sec to leave a worthwhile comment! I read the posts I comment on and don’t take the easy road. Just like I do with the real estate clients I help here in Austin I take my time to do it right! I challenge all the “great posters” out there to take the time to read what you comment on.

  14. You make an excellent point. I think that close personal friends are also exempt, but the problem is that this is often confusing to other readers who have no idea about the relationship.

    At the end of the day, if you don’t have a relationship with the person or fall into the categories above, dropping a “great comment” is usually not cool.

    On a personal note, I will ALWAYS be thrilled to have you or T, or the logo (aka Todd Carpenter), or anyone else mentioned above drop a “nice post” on me.

    Eric Blackwells last blog post..Apple recalls millions of iPhone 3G power adapters

  15. Nice photos Dave! 🙂

    Scott Kelby (not)s last blog post..Denver real estate ~ Grab an Opportunity

  16. KK, aka Scott Kelby (not)

    You crack me up. You have some pretty great photos yourself thanks for stopping by the lab.

    Did you have a good weekend? Meet any interesting people?

  17. Eric O.,

    I have some friends, as Eric B mentioned above and is in that list himself who communicate more ways than just on the blog itself.

    In those instances between friends it can be more than not taking the time to read or leave more, it is often an inside joke between them that the rest of us aren’t in on at all.

    Twitter has fostered this kind of 140 or few character comments. I know I have a few friends (believe it or not) where leaving the pariah “Great Post” is an inside joke.

  18. Dave,
    Good stuff! LOL!
    I really like your goal you set to be known and respected as an authoritative blogger. Don’t get me wrong, PR 5 is up there with air in my book. However, you give me knew hope that there is life beyond the great PR system.

    Freddie of Invest With Passions last blog post..Video: Green Building Revolution

  19. Fabulous Post! I have not been here in a while. Dave, I have to commend you on your posting frequency and content. Good job.

  20. Marc,

    Great to see you back at the Lab. I don’t get over to REW much these day. I should.

    Yeah, the lab is a labor of love. There is so much going on in the REBlog world and with WP it is easy to find things to write about.

    I call it my online journal so I can remember how I got myself in and out of things in the future.

    Come back more often.

  21. Dave,

    I would love to see a list of your favorite WP plugins. I am one of those new bloggers that has a PR 1, trying to build up a site that readers will enjoy following.

    I hope to one day reach the point where if I were to leave a “Great post” post it would be looked at as a complement rather than spam.

  22. James,

    There are post on plugin all around the lab. But Two you would want to focus on are Eric Blackwell’s Must Have WordPress Plugins and Real Estate Blog Lab Nice to Have Plugins both were written in August of 2008. There have been others since.

    A quick site search on plugins will show you a lot of them as will clicking on the category plugins.