Watch Your Widgets They Can Hurt Your Business

What Business Do You Think I’m In?

A link came into my Google alerts on my real estate market. This morning I clicked on one of those links, I didn’t find what I thought I would on a business blog.   What would you think if you saw the images to the right on a business blog?

You have NOT chosen wisely grasshopper

Flickr Images

What's This?

Yep, I did a double take myself.   Literally I looked twice, from top to bottom, (not that bottom).   I refreshed the page to see if the images changed, they did not.

Innocent enough, the blogger put a Flickr photo widget in the sidebar of the blog.   I don’t know the reasons for the widget.   I see a lot of blogs with Flickr widgets in the sidebar.   My Netvibes feed reader has a Flickr widget.   The images are usually, colorful (and G rated).

Yesterday I posted the first Nugget of 2009 on using Google Alerts to keep track of the competition.   That is exactly what I was doing when I clicked the link on an alert and found the Flickr widget.

I clicked one of the links to see where it lead on Flickr, it was a photo stream as specific as the image in the widget. (I did not click the “More Photos” link at the bottom of the widget)

DON’T SEND A NEGATIVE message to potential buyers and sellers through images on your blog.

Remember: “A picture is worth a 1000 words”   It could cost you a lot more in dollars and lost business.


  1. Hey Dave,

    How true it is. I found that out the hard way a few years back when I had a video reel on my site. One day when I was doing some site maintenance I came across a video that was not what I would have liked to see on my site.

    If people do have these types of widgets on their sites…be sure to check on them frequently :-).

    Great Site you have here by the way!

    Highest Regards,

    West Virginia Real Estate Search

  2. Sean,

    Thanks for dropping by the Lab and confirming how easy it is for this to happen.

    Have a great 2009!

  3. Wow, thanks for the heads up! Seems like there should be a way to still have those widgets and not worry about bad links/pics/videos/etc leaking through. Good info to share, thanks!

  4. Bobbie,

    There is. : )

  5. the owner of that site must not be serious about his business or else he knows something we don’t know. Maybe this is diversity at its best

  6. yumi,

    I don’t think he even knows that series of images came up in the rotation.

  7. Joseph Ferrara.sellsius says

    Excellent advice.

    I see this happen with YouTube videos imported to blogs and websites. There is a “attach related videos” button which is pre-checked on YouTube, sometimes causing other unwanted videos to be viewable as thumbnails (and clickable). If you borrow a video from YouTube, uncheck this box.

  8. Joe,

    Great point. Thanks for dropping by the Lab.

    Have a Great year.

  9. James Wheelock says

    I recently had a run in with a troubling video that came up as a related video on one of my subdivision videos which I embed in my niche blogs. The video was of a girl in a thong and the thumbnail pose resembled pornography. Needless to say at the time I just had to take it down and felt a bit embarassed as it was brought to my attention by someone in my field. A big thanks to Linda Johnson.

    Anyways Eric Blackwell was nice enough to offer a way to have control over this issue. He provided a string you can add to the youtube URLs in the embed code that gets ride of the related videos. Just add &rel=0 to the end of the URLs in the embed code and you can avoid this problem entirely. I decided to post this because I have seen other real estate blog sites have similar issues.

    James Wheelock ´s last blog post..Humble Single Family Housing Inventory